Cae-Mari: A 'Mini-Lourdes' in North Wales

At this grassy field, located on Rose Mary Gower’s land in North Wales, a couple claimed to see the Virgin Mary and were subsequently healed of their ailments. more »

A Spiritual Shack in the Woods

Since dismantling an old shack in the woods, 'Cricket" reports feeling close to the Lord and nature and a sense of calm at the site. more »

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Standing next to the great monument, Mike Moss had the awesome feeling that he knew who was in that tomb. It inspired him to never take anything for granted again. more »

A Hill Near the Hand of God

E. Torode explains that at sunrise in St. Anne, Quebec, the air is pierced with sounds of morning prayer, the river reflects the sun with diamonds along its surface, and nature begins to awaken.
more »

The World Is Her Sacred Spot

After her college graduation, Sherry Tucker Brown traveled with her mother and sister around Europe and the Middle East. In the first country they visited, Portugal, she marveled at the conscientious care locals gave to Lisbon. more »

Singing on the Sea of Galilee

Crossing the Sea of Galilee, Marcia Crew’s boat was tossed by wind and choppy sea. But as she read the bible aloud, she felt that Jesus joined her and she became calm—the sea soon followed. more »

Civil War Site Is Weeping Ground

When Pam Malafronte touched “sacred ground” in Fredericksburg, Va., where people have reported hearing the screams of soldiers who died there, the grass was dry. But when she removed her hands to say a prayer, it appeared dewy, as if tears had welled from the ground. more »

The U.S.: A 'Biblical Promise Land'

Beliefnet member "WILPOPS"'s religious experience began while stationed in Okinawa, Korea. After seeing the hard way of life there, "WILPOPS" decided the United States must be the biblical Promised Land. more »

Gratitude in Cambodia

During a visit to poverty-stricken Cambodia, Cora Wen held out U.S. bills to give the children she met. Upon accepting, each one said to her, "I wish for you a happy life." more »

How to Win People Instead of Arguments
Sadly, we live in a culture that's forgotten how to be good neighbors. Read next feature >
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