Temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Built during the 12th century CE to honor the Hindu god Vishnu, and filled with magnificent sculptures, this is the largest temple in all of Asia.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Rediscovered in 1911, the Inca site of Machu Picchu was constructed in the 15th century CE as a ceremonial site and celestial observatory.

Temple of Hera, Paestum, Italy

Originally founded by Jason and the Argonauts, this 5th century BCE temple was dedicated to a goddess of fertility and creativity.

Haleakala Volcano, Maui, Hawaii

A dormant volcano towering to 10,023 feet, Haleakala means 'House of the Sun' and figures prominently in Polynesian mythology.

The Feet of the Sri Gomatheswar Statue, Sravanabelagola, India

The tallest statue in the world, carved in 993 CE, it is a venerated pilgrimage site of the religion of Jainism.

Temple of the Magician, Uxmal, Mexico

One of the greatest of Mayan pyramids, and built around the 8th century CE, it is associated with the healing deity Itzamna.

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel

Built in 685 CE, this is the mosque where Muslims believe the prophet ascended to heaven. It stands on what Jews consider their faith's most sacred site, the Temple Mount, where the Temples stood in ancient times.

Hill of Crosses, Siauliai, Lithuania

Thousands of crosses brought by pilgrims from around the world make this one of the most venerated sacred sites in Europe.

The Great Mosque, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Its location originally chosen by the Archangel Gabriel, this mosque holds the Ka'ba, the most sacred site in all of Islam.

The Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt

The largest and most mathematically advanced construction in the ancient world, the pyramid is still a mystery to archaeologists.

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