In this moving video, omnifaith minister and author Susan Corso says "there's a neutralness to tragedy"--things simply happen. It's what you do with the "good" and "bad" that directs your spirit.

When Corso lost her young son, she decided that some joy would come from his short life. After your own trauma, she counsels, ask yourself what you can do to keep growing.

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Dr. Susan Corso is a spiritual author, speaker, and teacher.
An omnifaith minister and the author of God’s Dictionary (Tarcher/Putnam 2002) and The Peace Diet, she has had a spiritual counseling practice for 25 years. Susan is the founder of Sanctuary, and nine-year author and publisher of a free e-newsletter, Seeds. As a professor at the accredited College of Divine Metaphysics, she teaches and ordains ministers.
Susan has been published in magazines, websites, and newsletters including Business Ethics, Ode, Science of Mind, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, New York House, Q-Spirit, Self, and Winning Ways. One of her favorite occupations is writing spiritual fiction. She is the author of The Mex Stone Adventures. She lives in one-sixth of a Victorian house outside of Boston, with her beloved spouse, director/actor/teacher Sheriden Thomas, and the spirit of her familiar cat, Charles of the Ritz.
To learn more about Dr. Susan Corso, please visit her blog seedsforsanctuary.com or subscribe to Seeds by sending an email to seedsdrcorso@comcast.net

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