It's easy to leave your spiritual practice at home and slog through the days at work. But Tevis Gale, a leading work/life satisfaction advocate and founder of Balance Integration Corporation, believes work is spiritual. Here, she leads us through a meditation to help restore balance when those inevitable stressors arise at work.

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This is an exercise that I call "check your head" and it can easily be called "check your breath." So this is the exercise that you can use when you are trying to get to a meeting, but the train's not coming on time, or you get a flat tire. Basically, something has just gone awry and you're absolutely losing it.

Some people close their eyes (many people, if they're standing on a platform in New York City, may not want to close their eyes), but basically let your gaze soften, and pay attention to the creases of skin around your nose, and just notice how your breath is moving into your body. Go ahead and take an inhale and just notice where your body moves with your breath and then notice if it's basically a chest breath. You can even put your own hand right by your belly, no one will notice you doing it, so put your right hand right on your belly and just breathe nice and deep into your belly and just do that a couple of times. As you do that, each time you take an in-breath, invite the muscles across your forehead, around your eyes and the stem of your tongue to relax. Then even notice if those folds of skin that make up your nose are clutching at the air. Let those muscles relax. Great, now decide what you're going to do.

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