For Julia, entering the Redwoods for the first time was a "really intensely powerful, energetic exchange...a cathedral like none I'd ever seen."

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At age 23 in 1997, eco-activist Julia Butterfly Hill volunteered to sit in a 600-year-old redwood tree to save it from being cut down. For two years and eight days, Hill lived 180 feet off the ground. While storms raged and loggers harrassed her, she spoke via phone to thousands  about protecting these ancient, magical, deeply spiritual trees. One grove was eventually saved. In these inspiring audio clips, the still-outspoken environmentalist talks about the awesome redwoods, witnessing a clearcut, and how love is our most potent force.

 Used by permission from Sounds True and excerpted from the CD, "Spiritual Activation; Why Each of Us Does Make the Difference."  


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