Masaru Emoto’s water-crystal photos first appeared in his book “Messages From Water” in 1999  and have stirred huge interest ever since. Dr. Emoto, a doctor of alternative medicine in Japan, has done experiments that he believes prove that water is responsive to the vibration (in Japanese, hado) of human thoughts—whether in words or writing—as well as to music and prayer.
 His work was featured in the New Age hit “What the Bleep Do We Know?” Beliefnet’s Wendy Schuman spoke to Dr. Emoto through a translator about his new book "The Secret Life of Water"  and what his theories imply for the well-being of our planet. For more on his work, visit www.hado.net.

When people see the photos of water crystals in your books, it has a strong effect on them. Why do you think it’s caught on?

One [reason] is that everybody has that memory of the mysteriousness of water. And the second, human beings all have the same idea or description of what beauty is, so they all understand this is beautiful.

With the tsunami and the hurricanes and flooding that occurred recently, what do you think is going on with water?

I personally think the water is angry at us.

Because of our treatment of water?

Even though we can’t live without water, water has given us so much. Water has given us life. But we never tried to learn anything about water, or understand about water. So obviously water was unhappy about it, water had complaints about it. I do believe that water and human beings can be understood in the same way. If we were water and were doing so much for people, and more and more they’re not caring about us…

So you think the strength of the hurricanes could be from lack of respect and gratitude to water?

The whole imbalance of energy begins on the surface of earth. Think how much the population has grown--to 6.3 billion people. Before when there were not as many people, these natural disasters did not happen as often. But now that we have these imbalances of energy on the surface of the earth, this makes more imbalance within the distribution of water too. So in one place you have droughts, whereas in the other place it’s flooded with water. And this I think has a direct connection with our own cultural imbalance, and that resonates with the natural imbalance, and creates this whole catastrophe [tsunamis, hurricanes] as well. All the information is stored within water.

How did you get the idea that sending thoughts or emotions to water can affect it?

I started out as a businessman [in Japan], importing a medical device from the U.S. to alleviate pain. My contact in the States was a biochemist, Dr. Lee Lorenzen, who was studying and developing a kind of water that could be used for healing. This water, called "microcluster" water, could be measured by a device which analyzes and transfers hado [vibrations]. I became a healer in my personal way. I was able to use water to help people get better, and I was very good at it. I had these firsthand experiences that made me believe that water has the ability to retain information [through hado]. This kind of information can actually be taken [into water] through pictures, photographs, written words, spoken words, music—all those things can affect water. And, of course, that includes prayers.

Could you explain how prayer affects water and give an example?

Yes, there are so many. One of the first ones that was very surprising was our experiment with Fujiwara Dam in 1997. A Buddhist monk said he would go down to the water to pray for the water so we can purify the water. The reason why we were there was to get the sample of water before and after the prayer ceremony and see any difference in crystals. But even before we did [the experiment on] the crystals, right in front of our eyes the water started becoming clear. It was becoming different. Later on, a week later, we found out that a woman’s body was found in the water; a day after that the killer was caught. When we came back to look at the crystals, the crystals before the prayer came up with an image that looked like a woman in agony. So we believe this is the woman’s spirit that was actually projected. We looked at the water after the prayer and the crystal changed drastically. It was one of the most beautiful crystals we’ve ever seen. Can we talk about another example?