Dear Nancy,

The inflow of our finances is beginning to look up, but the outflow almost equals the inflow, leaving me nothing by way of savings.

My kitchen is located in the western part of the house, and it has a window facing west. A fish tank is in the kitchen window. We have two kitchen sinks, one in the north and the other in the west. The stove is in the south, directly opposite the sink. We have a 'C' shaped counter top, and the kitchen is open in the east. Most of the clutter in my kitchen is in the northwest and southwest under the counter top. An electric oven is placed east of the gas range. A waterfilter/purifier is in the northwestern corner of the kitchen. Our garbage bin is in the south west. The marriage of my daughter is currently uppermost on my mind. I am also looking at buying a new house, as well as trying to save up for my son's education. He will complete his bachelor's degree in a couple of months. He wants to pursue an MBA. Kindly let me know what modifications may be made to my kitchen to improve my quality of life. Thank you so much.

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Nancy SantoPietro Responds:
M.M. has a few very typical, but disconcerting, Feng Shui kitchen challenges evident in her current kitchen layout. From a Feng Shui perspective, the combination of these various interior factors can contribute to a weakening and diversion of the "chi" flow, inhibiting the valuable energy that might foster prosperity. In the Tibetan Black Hat school of Feng Shui thought, the kitchen window, western sink, and fish tank here fall mostly in the wealth section (upper left handcorner of the room) and partially in the section governing "fame," (upper top center of the room). If the window looks out on a beautiful expansive view of green foliage, or is surrounded by interior plants, that's great! If not, add plants or a 40-mm round and faceted Feng Shui crystal on a nine-inch red string to the window area. Placing the fish in the room's "wealth" section is a great adjustment, because life force water and fish are very good for wealth. However, part of the tank also falls into the "fame" section, which becomes a problem here, since that water will quell the "fame" fire that oversees success and visible reputation. If the tank can be moved as far left as possible, it would remain a very good money adjustment, especially if there are plants inside the tank along with the fish. The sink in the "wealth" area is not so good because it carries the water and money energy away. To remedy this, add a 3-inch, round mirror on the ceiling over the drain area to reverse the water flow (or money) back to the owners.
Another issue of concern in this kitchen's layout is the fact that the stove backs onto the room that holds the toilet. These are two different energy functions, for the stove cooks the food we eat and the toilet flushes away and releases the food that we eat. Energetically of course, these two rooms oppose one another and can create an imbalanced flow of money energy and a host of health related problems when they share a wall or face one another. To offset this "coming and going" conundrum, place a mirror on either side of the shared wall and paint that wall (or the whole room) green. Make sure the mirror is large enough so that, when hung, it doesn't "cut off," or fail to reflect, anyone's head.

Another challenging aspect of this kitchen is that the room itself is half inside and half outside the main entryway of the house. As established above, this layout energetically brings in the money but leaves some out too. It's important for the entire kitchen to fall "inside" the main door of the house. So it makes sense that M.M. laments "the inflow of finance is beginning to look up, but the outflow almost equals the inflow, leaving me nothing by the way of savings."

If M.M. could place a large mirror along the hallway on the second bedroom wall, symbolically pulling the part of the kitchen that extends outside the front door back into the main part of the house, she will notice improvements. In addition, M.M. needs to follow the stove adjustment cures listed in the accompanying kitchen advice article.

With Blessings and 100% Pure Light.

Happy Feng Shui'ing,
Nancy SantoPietro

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