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Results Overall
1. You believe that when people die, their souls/spirits:
Remain earthbound temporarily8.9%
Move on to an eternal afterlife50.4
Go to an in-between stage12.1%
Are reincarnated12%
No longer exist2.2%
I don't know14.4%

2. What best describes for you the relationship between the living and the dead?
The souls of the dead protect the living as angels or spirit guides42.6%
The souls of the dead haunt us as ghosts11.5%
Souls in heaven can hear our prayers/intercede for us with God34.1%
The dead can communicate but have no power over our lives30%
The dead cannot communicate with the living in any way12.8%
I'm not sure24%

3. Have you ever tried to contact the dead by:
Consulting a psychic or medium21%
Using a Ouija board28%
Performing a seance14%
Praying or meditating63%
Speaking, either out loud or in your head69%
Using EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)3%

4. You believe the ability to communicate with the dead is:
Something everyone has the potential for35.9%
A spiritual gift that only some people have25%
An evil power/dangerous occult activity7.2%
I don't know if it's possible23.7%
There is no such thing8.1%

5. Have you ever:
Felt the presence of a dead person68%
Felt the presence of a guardian angel or spirit guide77%
Spoken with the spirit of someone who has died25%
Seen a "sign" from one who has died57%
Dreamed about someone who has died92%
Experienced paranormal activity56%

6. Your experiences with the dead have been mostly: