Knitting Into the Mystery
Knitting as Christian prayer.

The Knitting Sutra
A non-denominational path to contemplation.

Zen & the Art of Knitting
Knitting with a meditative twist.

Do-it-yourself tchotchkes.

The Knitting Goddess
A new age handbook.

Bread for the Wilderness
Baking as spiritual practice.

Shawl Ministry
Knitters who participate in this nondenominational ministry donate prayer shawls to people in crisis-those coping with surgery, illness, or loss; and to those marking celebrations such as birthdays or marriage. The shawls are imbued with prayers (examples of which may be found on their website) and are meant to "wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace, mother, hug, shelter and beautify." The website features shawl patterns, instructions, stories, and other resources for knitters.

Prayers & Squares
The first commandment (there are three) of the Prayer Quilt Ministry is "Make the prayer the purpose of your ministry" and quilters all over the U.S. and abroad seem to be doing just that. The interfaith Prayer Quilt Ministry has distributed thousands of quilts to people in need since it began in 1992. Check out the website to see if there's a chapter in your area, or learn how to start your own.

The Church of Craft
Don't let the Christian nomenclature fool you; if this "church" has a religion it's nothing more or less than creativity. "Making things is our spiritual practice," says co-founder Callie Janoff in an online "sermon." Spiritual crafters gather in New York, L.A., Portland, Stockholm, and other cities.

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