You can go it alone, but you don't have to plan your vision quest by yourself. The following groups and teaching centers develop solitary wilderness treks and train you to deal with the rigors of outdoor life.

Circles of Air, Circles of Stone
For $675, Circles of Air, Circles of Stone will help you plan and execute a four day vision quest in one of seven wilderness locations (Death Valley, CA, Gila Wilderness Area, NM, and Green Mountain Forest, VT, among them). The folks affiliated with this group approach the vision quest traditionally and seriously. You must write them a letter of intent, return a health questionnaire and liability release form. They, in turn, get you emotionally prepared and--once you are camping in the wild--they will check a designated spot (your stone pile) daily without intruding on your privacy to make sure you are all right. They plan expeditions for groups as large as eight also. (802)-387-6624.

Dreamweaver Lodge
This Montana establishment directed by Jaqui Thier plans solitary vision quests, sweat lodges, individual and small group retreats. Your may stay in a furnished teepee in the woods by the creek in complete privacy, or opt for a room at the lodge. (406) 445-2517.

Sacred Ground Center
Customized vision quests and fasts in the Arizona desert are planned by former Methodist minister and wilderness guide Jim Massey who writes on his website: "Who should begin a quest? Not you, unless you have reached a point in your life where you know you must die to something and come alive to something else!" (480)-250-4619.

Wilderness Drum
Wilderness Drum, Inc., helps plan vision fasts, wilderness ceremonies to mark life transitions, team building adventures, and spiritual sojourns to Bhutan and the Amazon. A newsletter is also available if you just want to read about other people's adventures before you set out. Write steve@wildernessdrum.com.

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