Signs of ArrivalAn owl foretells Harry's coming.The Christmas Star foretold Jesus' birth.
Mark of WoundingHarry is marked by a lightning bolt on his forehead.Jesus is marked by nail scars on his hands.
Childhood Miracles????
AncestryHarry is linked to both Muggles and Wizards.Jesus was to God and humanity.
EnemiesHarry is the special object of Voldemort's wrath and attention.Jesus was the special object of Satan's wrath and attention.
ResurrectionHarry lies in a coma for three days after his battle with Voldemort (in "The Sorcerer's Stone") before he revives.Jesus lay in a tomb for three days before he was resurrected.
Nether RegionsHarry descends to the Chamber of Secrets.Jesus was said to have descended to the nether regions during his time in the tomb.
Harry Saves?Harry exhibits constant willingness to engage Voldemort for the salvation of others.
Jesus died on the cross for the salvation of others.
SufferingHarry endures the pain of the Cruciatus Curse (in "The Goblet of Fire").Jesus endured pain on the cross.
Father FigureHarry is especially referential toward Dumbledore.Jesus is especially referential toward God the Father.