Reprinted with permission from "How Psychic Are You?" by Julie Soskin, published by Penguin Compass, a division of Penguin Books.

People often refer to "gut feelings, or instincts." This is a sense of knowing what cannot easily be rationally expressed or intellectually confirmed. People are often heard to say things like, "I knew I should have done that" and there is usually an overriding feeling of something being either right or wrong, without having a specific reason for it. Where does this feeling come from? Is there an innate psychic or intuitive faculty from which we could all benefit? How do we access it?

Awaken Your Senses

Psychic sensitivity is not based on some obscure formula known to a few privileged people; on the contrary, you already have every ingredient you need in your five senses. Every second of the day, you're absorbing a changing blend of aromas, flavors, sounds, sights, and textures. The process is so automatic it's easy to take for granted but without your senses you would literally be "dead" to the world. This is the polar opposite of a psychic's experience of life, where everything is vivid, sensuous, and alive with meaning.

People who are unusually sensitive can perceive atmospheres, feel invisible presences, see visions, hear messages, and experience reality on many different levels. With a little practice, you'll be able to do all this yourself.

Journal Notes
Five sensational days

  • Exploring your senses to their limits takes time, space, and imagination. It also requires the ability to focus: a simple way to achieve this is to allot an entire day to discovering a single sense. Then, at the end of that day, write up your experiences in your psychic journal.
  • Note down your reactions to any incident, exercise, or experiment that gave you positive feedback, and made an active difference to your sensory awareness.
  • Pay attention to the exact quality of your reactions; notice whether you felt excited, calmed, aroused, amused, inspired; or frightened, uneasy, curious, or repelled.
  • Each day's events may also trigger a special chain of association in your mind: for example, a fleeting scent, a fading color, a grain of wood--any of these can release a flood of memories.
  • You may remember people and places that you had long forgotten. Again, write everything down; all these links will lead you toward enhanced psychic awareness.

    A Day of Vision

    Ideally, you should choose a day that has a full moon on the same evening. As soon as you wake up, tell yourself out loud: "Today I am going to look closely at everything around me." This triggers your visual awareness and prepares your intuition for action. As you go through your day, look at everything with the candid gaze of a child--try to see things just as they are. Look at objects, buildings, colors, people's faces, animals, and plants with new eyes. Don't spend time "evaluating"--simply look. This way, you'll take in more visual messages, as you won't be censoring or rejecting anything. At some point in the day, try one of the "gazing" exercises described below.

    How to enhance your psychic sight.

    Choose a quiet, dimly lit place, and light a candle. Place it on a table, and sit down, facing the candle. Get yourself quietly relaxed.

    Gaze into the candle flame, staying relaxed and calm, watching the flame.

    Now, focus your gaze at the place where the blue color of the flame meets with the gold--this is the point where your potential for psychic sight can be developed. Continue gazing at this spot until you feel you have absorbed enough.

    See a new vision in the full moon.