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Dangerously Demonic

To quote Chaucer, "Man should not know of God's privy." If one believes in malevolent spirits, the reason readers of Tarot have their ability is that they are controlled by a demon. In Jacobean times they would be considered "bewitched." Flirting with Tarot and other "psychic" abilities is an extreme danger and can result in nothing good.


A Way to Self-Knowledge

...[T]arot cards can be a useful tool. They are a random, yet interpretable way of clarifying the currents running through your life--they do not foretell the future so much as help you understand the present, and the possible outcomes available if you continue along your current trajectory.


Tarot is a symbolic dictionary, a description of the broadest possible sphere of the imaginal and symbolic universe. Seeing Tarot in this context, it becomes an extraordinarily powerful tool for communication with the subconscious mind.


Contrary to popular belief, the Tarot is NOT a fortune-teller. I believe that no one can guarantee for certain what's gonna happen in the future and when. I personally use the Tarot to help people to help themselves. When a woman asks me, "When am I going to fall in love?" I use the Tarot to interpret, "What does she need to focus on to find love?" That way, she has to make a choice, a decision, take action, etc. I never use the Tarot to dictate to another person what he/she should do with his/her life.


Beware, the Tarot Reader

I do believe in the ability of some people to touch levels of knowing that others have not experienced.... Tarot in the hands of a developed and loving spirit is very powerful but we must remember this: Having psychic abilities does NOT guarantee that the spirit is loving and serving your best interest.


What do you believe?

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