Excerpted from "A Christmas Filled with Miracles," by Mary Ellen Angelscribe. Used with permission.

On New Year's several years ago, about 1:00 a.m., my soon-to-be husband, Roger, decided to visit a friend on the other side of our subdivision. He opted to ride his son's bike on a moonlit night. It had snowed earlier, and there was a light dusting on the frozen ground.

Going too fast on the bike, he whipped around a bend in the road and fell off the bike. My husband is nearsighted and as blind as a bat. His head and face hit the concrete when he fell, knocking off his glasses. He crawled around, searching all over the road trying to find them when he came across a huge pair of tennis shoes...with feet in them. Roger was amazed to find someone outside at 1:00 in the morning. He looked up to find a teenager staring down at him.

The teen said, "Is there something wrong, Mister?" Roger told him he had lost his glasses and couldn't find them. The teen quickly located them, unbroken, about 15 feet away and gave them to Roger. Then the young man asked Roger if he needed anything else. Roger said, "Yeah, some coffee!" They went into the young man's house, where no one else was home, and began to talk. Roger is an incessant and wonderful talker who always says the right things and makes everyone feel good, and he loves kids. He is like a Pied Piper around young people.

The teen was visiting from New England, and as they talked Roger realized the young man was suffering from a terrible depression.

The boy had been outside at that hour because he was on his way to the river to commit suicide. Roger was there to talk him out of it. He was able to give the young man positive talk and new hope, and the teen said things like, "I'd never looked at things that way before." He thanked Roger with all of his heart and soul when they parted.

Why did Roger venture out on that road that night, at that precise time, and fall practically at the young man's feet? Roger felt good when he realized he was there to save the teen and convince him there is faith, there is love, and there is someone above and beyond us. They both acknowledge this miracle.

A "coincidence"? They believe it was an act of God.

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