Excerpted from "A Christmas Filled with Miracles," by Mary Ellen Angelscribe. Used with permission.

This is a continuation of the story I told in the book "Expect Miracles." In that story, I shared the experience of one of my student's mother, Susan Roy. Susan is a home health-care nurse. The week before Christmas, by Divine guidance, Susan arrived at 444 Elm Street, Apartment 111, to care for a newly assigned patient, Miss Brown. In fact, Susan had been scheduled by her office to be at 444 Maple Street, Apartment 111, to care for a different Miss Brown! The Miss Brown at the mistaken address was in need of home health care too; Susan cared for Miss Brown because she thought she had been assigned to her case. Hours later, she learned of her mistake, at which time she felt certain divine intervention had brought her to the mistaken address, almost identical and only one street from the correct address. Also, both ladies had the same last name, and both were in need of home health care.

The continuation of this wonderful story is as follows: Shortly after Christmas, Susan was told how her "mistake" had become another miracle. She had left a business card at the home of the Miss Brown she had cared for. Because of Susan's excellent care, Miss Margaret Brown called to request home health-care service and Susan's help. As the people on the staff at the office were filling out the forms for the new client, they began to notice many similarities between Miss Margaret Brown's information and what was on file for Miss Audrey Brown, who was already receiving regular care. The office compared their personal information and realized the two women were sisters, and then discovered, to everyone's complete surprise, the ladies had not seen each other in more than 30 years!

Susan, in her off-duty hours, arranged a time for the sisters to get together for tea and introduced them to each other. Susan told me, "Lots of hugs, tears, and stories followed, as the sisters had been thinking and wondering about each other for years."

Their miracle meeting evolved over the Christmas holidays. Susan turned out to be not only a home health-care worker for the two sisters but their miracle worker, too. "It was absolutely wonderful to watch," Susan said. "I left the two sisters together and felt it was a beyond a miracle. After 30 years, they got to be reunited with each other, and for that I am so grateful."

Susan truly offers divine service. I wondered who her boss really is?

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