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  • The Healing Mind
    This guided healing meditation opens the door to better health through peace and calm.
    By Tulku Thondup
  • Opening the Heart
    Use the metta, or lovingkindness, meditation to cultivate a deep sense of caring for self and all of creation. By Sharon Salzberg.
  • The Way of the Cross
    A multimedia feature tracing Jesus' passion and death. Flash and non-Flash versions available.
  • Angelic Morning Meditation
    Start your day with this gentle, centering meditation. Narrated by Rev. Alma Daniel, music by Gerald Jay Markoe, and photographs by Marcia Lippman. Requires Flash.
  • Being Peace
    Inspired by monk, author, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh.
  • Calm Waters and A Breathing Exercise, two audio meditations by Thich Nhat Hanh.
  • Lovingkindness Meditation
    A seven-minute meditation that will open your heart and calm your mind. By Sharon Salzburg.
  • A Moment of Calm
    Relax your body and clear your mind with this ten-minute mindfulness meditation.
    By Tara Brach, photographs by Marcia Lippman

  • When God Is Your Dance Partner
    "When I dance, I am, for brief moments, free of my earthly ties." Watch our video feature of Hindu dancer Rama Balachandran.
  • The Holy Chariot
    A vehicle to carry us to higher consciousness.
    By Rabbi David Cooper
  • Taoist Philosophy
    On knowing the Tao.
    By Ken Cohen
  • The Shadow Artist
    An autobiographical excerpt on staying creative.
    By Julia Cameron
  • On the Unconscious
    Marion Woodman explains the effects of the unconscious in our lives.
  • Voice From the Cloud
    Celtic music and verse by Noirin ni Riain and the Monks of Glenstal Abbey.
  • On Knowing Ourselves and Others
    On coming into rhythm with your soul.
    By John O'Donohue

  • A Public Talk by His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    Join us for the exclusive webcast of the Dalai Lama's address delivered in Washington, D.C.

  • Sacred Flesh, by Mirka Knaster
  • Spirit & Matter, by Margot Adler
  • Higher Grumbles, by T George Harris
  • The Healing Journey, by Belleruth Naparstek
  • Sacred Ground, by Starhawk
  • Heart of Gratefulness, by Brother David Steinl-Rast
  • Contemplative Practices, by Cynthia Bourgeault

    The Wisdom of Menopause
    A chat with Christiane Northrup, M.D., on the power of menopause to transform your life.

    Dreaming True
    A Chat with Robert Moss, author, lecturer, and dreamworker.

    Live Chat With Dr. Deepak Chopra
    On the concepts in his latest book, the human genome, and the afterlife.

    Live Chat With Donald S. Lopez
    About the Dalai Lama, Tibet's relationship with China, and more.

    Learn postures, read essays, listen to a chant, and more on Beliefnet's interactive yoga resource page

    Yoga in the Kitchen
    Yoga can be done anywhere, anytime.
    By Shoba Narayan

    Yoga Then & Now
  • Stripping the Soul Out of Yoga?
    Yoga as it's practiced in American gyms has strayed far from its Indian roots.
    By Shoba Narayan
  • The New American Yoga
    Is Yoga losing its spirit by becoming mainstream?
    By Anne Cushman
  • The Path of Yoga
    A way to flex your physical and spiritual muscles.
    By Mirka Knaster
  • 1960s vs. 2000: an interactive chart

    Is Spirituality For Real?
  • The Fad That Would Not Pass
    The spirituality craze indulges only the self and fails to help improve the world. By Arthur Hertzberg
  • A Reply to Arthur Hertzberg
    Rodger Kamenetz responds that there is nothing narcissisitic about the spiritual quest.

    Spirituality Is Not Flaky New Age Mush
    Religion need not be reactionary and spirituality need not be fluff--though there's a lot of both out there.
    By Michael Lerner

    Are You Spiritually Intelligent?
  • First there was IQ, then EQ. Now learn about SQ.
  • See how you score on our Spiritual Intelligence quiz.
  • Read about why being spiritually intelligent is good for your health.

    Is Ambition OK If It's Spiritual?
    By Lama Surya Das

    God as Earthquake
    By Dan Wakefield

    Jesus as Artist
    By Dan Wakefield

    Which Road Taken?
  • Be Careful Who Chooses Your Soul
    Some warning signs on the road to a multi-faith future.
    By Frederica Mathewes-Green
  • Veering From My Childhood Faith
    Confessions of an Irish-Catholic American Buddhist.
    By Dinty W. Moore

    Play the Feng Shui game.
    (Requires Shockwave)

    Balancing Wind and Water
    Create a spiritual space using feng shui principles of color and shape.
    By R. D. Chin

    The Vasthu Vibe
    Vasthu is Indian feng shui. It is the art and science of designing flowing, open spaces that swirl with good energy.
    By Shoba Narayan

    Extrovert Orange and Mellow Blue
    How color affects the energy of your environment.
    By Joanna Trevelyan

    Bull and Bear Meet Wind and Water
    How Wall Street is waking up to the economic advantages of feng shui.
    By Ellen Leventry

    Heart-Minded Feng Shui
    If your heart doesn't lift when you return home each night, you need feng shui.
    By Nola Day

    In the Flow
    Personal fountains bring nature indoors.
    By Ann Kathleen Bradley

    The Monastic Living Series, by Lynda McDaniel
  • Monastery Without Walls
    How communities help us grow spiritually.
  • A Recklessly Generous Heart
    How to adapt the monastic practice of hospitality to everyday life.
  • Hanging Out With God
    A daily prayer practice builds a relationship with the divine.
  • How Much Is Enough?
    Living simply by knowing what's important.
  • All for the Glory of God
    How work can be a spiritual practice.
  • Intentional Living
    Increasingly people are finding that principles practiced in monasteries are relevant to their lives in the outside world.

    20 Great Spiritual Adventures
    Read our suggestions for soulful experiences that will feed your spirit--maybe even change your life.

    Gen X Spirituality
  • God at Work
  • Up Close and Personal

    A Time to Keep Silence
    Amid the hubbub of a society that equates talking with healing, the author finds a well-chosen silence sometimes soothes our inner child best.
    By Jack Miles

    Taking It Big
    By Dan Wakefield

    Everyday Dharma
    How do you fit Buddhist practice into an over-full life?
    By Lama Surya Das

    Bringing Spirituality to Work
    Some ideas on incorporating spirituality into a business setting. By Christian de la Huerta

    Slowing Down
  • Being Busy
    By taking one thing at a time, and being mindful of our state of mind, we can simplify the business of life.
  • Getting Time on Our Side
    By reclaiming Shabbat--Hebrew for 'pausing'--in the true sense of the word, we can regain peace of mind and the eight-hour day.
  • frameset.asp?boardID=10249&pageloc=/story/62/story_6292_1.html" target="_top">In the Beginning, Adam Worked Too Hard
    It's time to balance Workaholic Adam with Adam the Nurturer.

    Take Your Breath Away
    It's the pause that refreshes.
    By Bruce Feiler

    In the Beginning Was Silence
    Much can be said and written about G-. But perhaps the best way to know Him is through quiet.
    By Sam Keen

    Cooking in the Spiritual Fire
    Author Charlotte Kasl advises loving with abandon instead of holding back in fear.

    Retreats as Close as Your Teacup
    You don't have to travel far to restore your spirit. You can turn any place into a meditative spot.
    By Jennifer Louden

    Playing Hooky
    Taking time away from the office can get us back into the flow of life.
    By Arthur Magida

  • Rx for Life: Gratitude By Gregg Easterbrook
  • Gratitude: Awakening the Heart By Sarah Ban Breathnach
  • Life is a Gift By Brother David Steindl-Rast
  • Give Thanks By Debra K. Farrington
  • On Gratitude
    Food for thought from ancient and modern thinkers.

    A Gift of Living Water
    When I had a well dug for my home, I promised the land that I would go easy on the water. Like everything else, it was on loan from the Creator.
    By Barbara Brown Taylor

    Choosing to face obstacles bravely and helping others face their own.
    By Melissa Giovagnoli

    Prayers for Abundance: A Beliefnet prayer circle

    On Anger:
  • Anger in the "I" of the Beholder
    What makes our columnist really mad? His own mind.
    By Dinty W. Moore
  • Facing up to your anger as part of spiritual growth.
    By Darlene Cohen
  • Hitting Your Head With a Hammer: A Tibetan teacher's foolproof way to diffuse anger.
    By Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche
  • A passage from the Buddha on the futility of getting mad.
  • How Angry Words Can Destroy a Relationship.
    By Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
  • Handling Anger in a Godly Way.
    By Gary Chapman
  • A Christian exercise to control anger and calm the spirit.
  • And how much do you know about righteous wrath? Find out by taking this quiz!

    Dying Without Fear
    What would happen if we openly faced the fact that life, in all its goodness, includes the reality of death?
    By Fran Moreland Johns

    Back to Basics
    A family initiates a different kind of downsizing.
    By Leslie Garcia

    "Thank God for charity, but it's not a substitute for justice"
    Kim Philips-Fein talks with Jonathan Kozol about faith and activism.

    The Tree and Me
    Most of the time, a child's most powerful spiritual experience doesn't take place in Sunday school.
    By Rabbi Sandy Sasso

    Holiness is Where You Find It
    Discovering the sacred in everyday activities.
    By Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman

    Making the New Fire
    How a family gift opens up a writer's imagination and creativity.
    By bell hooks

    Does God Care if You Drive a Red Convertible?
    Author Dan Wakefield realizes that with his sexy car, facelift, and gold jewelry, he's violating the code of spiritual correctness.
    By Dan Wakefield

    Tilling the Soul
    Gardening as a spiritual path.
    By William O'Sullivan

    Path of Parenting, Path of Awakening
    Looking at child rearing as a course in mindfulness.
    By Jack Kornfield

    Keeping the Holy Land Holy
    Group travel can test your will to be uplifted. How to stay tuned in on tour.
    By Mary Ann Brussat

    Thinking Like the Universe
    How the Sufis integrate the egoic and cosmic levels of reality.
    By Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

    We Are Not Alone
    Thomas Merton's struggles with sexual desire and the need for public acclaim remind us that everyone wrestles with human frailties.
    By Dan Wakefield

    Online Ancestor Worship

    Still Here
  • Why Ram Dass Is Still Here
    How one man's spiritual journey turned on and sustained a whole generation.
    By Mark Matousek
  • Stroked by a Guru
    An interview with Ram Dass.
  • Growing Old
    An excerpt from his latest book.
  • Plus: Listen to a recent speech.

    Communicating With the Unseen
  • Dan Wakefield talks about his Aunt Ollie, a woman who introduced him to the realm of the invisible.
  • American Spiritualism: A historical overview of the spiritualist movement.

    The Grasshopper Tale
    Learning to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.
    By Lewis Richmond

    Far From the Maddening Din
    The case for creating your own inner Cone of Silence.
    By Arthur Magida

    The Game of Run and Seek
    Sometimes to find ourselves we need to care for someone else.
    By Mark Matousek

    Sex, Love, and God-Images Divine intimacy and human intimacy might actually go together.
    By Wade Clark Roof

    A son leads the way for his parents' emotional return to a country they thought they'd left for good.
    By Andrew Pham

    Meeting in the Rain Forest
    Journeying far from home to find out what home is all about.
    By Ira Rifkin

    Our Soul's Odyssey
    The soul has its own set of rules that are not the same as those of life.
    By Thomas Moore

    Altars All Around Us
    An altar can be a place where you reflect on the things you truly value.
    By Margot Adler

    A Tactical Retreat for the Spirit
    What happens when you withdraw from the world and concentrate on spiritual practice?
    By Lama Surya Das

    Art of Pilgrimage
    In search of the sacred on the road more travelled.
    By Phil Cousineau

    Seeding Your Spiritual Path With Pebbles
    Taking a spiritual dimension away from your trip can be as easy as leaving a trail of trinkets. By Carolyn Scott Kortge

    Sister Pilgrim
    Modern-day journeys--whether actual or virtual--connect us to ancient pilgrimages.
    By Diana Bass

    Intentional Communities
  • Journey Toward Wholeness
    The author had everything he ever wanted; yet he still felt fragmented, unsatisfied. Then he took a radical step.
    By Charles E. Moore
  • Living Like Jesus
    The Bruderhof communities have a long history of Christian faith and social action.
    By Frances Borsodi Zajac
  • Learn about a successful Methodist co-housing community.
  • The amazing growth of Christian communal living.

    Spiritual R and R
    Spiritualist community offers programs, readings, meditations to lift and guide the spirit. By Carolyn Thompson

    Meet the Gita
  • A review of two new Bhagavad Gita translations
  • An excerpt from Stephen Mitchell's translation
  • An interview with Mitchell
  • The Gita's enduring appeal

    Does Being Gay Make You More Spiritual?
    Being gay can mean looking at society as an outsider. A new book says being different gives gays a unique view to a higher plane.
  • Read an excerpt of Toby Johnson's "Gay Spirituality."
  • Read a critical review of the book.
  • Plus, Coming Out as Sacrament: liturgies for gays and lesbians.

    Mother Drexel's Miracle
  • According to the Vatican--and Amy Wall's family--the little girl regained her hearing through the intercession of socialite-turned-nun, Katharine Drexel.
  • Read more about the October 1 canonizations. And vote your favorite activist for saint.

    Letting Go of the Divine Matchmaker
    The longer I felt God was making me wait for my perfect partner, the more pressure I put on any potential mate.
    By Amy Sullivan

    Needed: One Spiritual Emergency
    A Protestant encounters two very different experiences with Catholic institutions.
    By Dan Wakefield

    Hospital Patients Walk a Labyrinth
    The ancient maze has yet another new application

    Walking the Wedding Labyrinth
    Getting married on a labyrinth turns a ceremony of union into a walk of love
    By Helen Curry

    Balancing Inner Work With Group Needs
    Quakerism is about more than self-realization. How can Friends balance individualism with the will of other members?
    By Marty Grundy

    What Price Enlightenment?
  • Dan Wakefield: If you value the teaching, pay the guru handsomely.
  • Margot Adler: Keep the pagan tradition of freely passing on the craft.
  • Joseph Arpaia: What should wisdom cost?

    A Common Spirituality
    Matthew Fox's latest book serves as a report from the front lines of the spiritual movement in modern American society.

    Sinful or Good?
    "Some believe human nature is bad. I think that's a mistake." - Dalai Lama
    Each religion has a different way of thinking about the human condition. Are we born in sin? Are we born blessed?
  • What eight major religions say.
  • Truly Good at Heart?
    Quotes on our essential nature from Dante to Yoda
  • Natural Real Buddha Nature
    A Zen perspective
  • The Story of Angulimala
    A Buddhist fable
  • Simply Natural
    An excerpt from Rachel Naomi Remen's most recent book

    The Spiritual Life of Kids
    Young children have a spiritual hotline to the divine presence. Don't talk too much--just listen in. By Jean G. Fitzpatrick

    True Freedom
    When identity of 'sexual abuse survivor' no longer fits.
    By Mariah Burton Nelson

    Barking for the Buddha
  • Does a Dog Have Buddha-nature?
    A professor of Buddhism explains how a classic Zen koan sheds light on the nature of dogs--and their owners.
    By T. Griffith Foulk
  • The Buddhist-Canine Dialogue
    What happens when a mutt becomes devoted to a guru.
    By Rodger Kamenetz
  • Plus: Kukkuripa the Dog Lover, a Tibetan teaching tale.

    As retold by Aaron Zerah
  • Elijah's Favorite Seder (Jewish)
  • Stones in the Road (Jewish)
  • Yima and the Terrible Winter (Zoroastrian)
  • A Cup of Water in the Desert (Sufi)
  • The Way You Like It (Jewish)
  • Lord Krishna and the Two Men (Hindu)
  • The Tortoise and the Snake (Yoruba)
  • When the Cat Came to Muhammad (Muslim)
  • Who's to Blame? (Taoist)
  • Why Fight? (Buddhist)
  • King David and the Spider (Jewish)
  • Who Am I? (Sufi)

    Beliefnet's Top Ten Spiritual Picks for 2000
  • Best Books
  • Best Music

    Enlightening Film Fare
    The best movies of 1999 that will enrich and inform your spiritual journey. With trailers for films you may not have caught in theaters.
    By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

    Spiritual Sundance

    How the West Lost Mysticism
    When did Western Christians stop expecting mystical union with God through Christ?
    By Frederica Matthewes-Green

    Trafficking in Compassion
    Nieman-Marcus presents compassion as a plentiful, pleasurable commodity.
    By Frederica Mathewes-Green

    Returning to the Feet of the Master
  • In "Bones of the Master," poet George Crane follows a Buddhist monk on the adventure of a lifetime. A review by Joan Halifax Roshi.
  • Plus: Read an excerpt from the book and an interview with the author and his guide.

    A Mass For The End of All Time
    Anonymous 4 stays true to its origins with a stunning recording of an apocalyptic Mass.

    The Great Bobo Spiritual Revival
    The new upper class has returned to religion on its own terms. An excerpt from "Bobos in Paradise."
    By David Brooks

    A Cup of Joe for the Soul
    Dan Wakefield laments the loss of the coffeehouse. Once a place of refuge and community, it's falling victim to the frantic franchising of American life.

    Boomer Spirituality
  • A Generation in Search of the Soul
    Baby boomers lead cultural shift from religion to spirituality.
  • Spiritual Profiles
    Boomer seekers tell their stories.
    By Connie Lauerman

    Gifts From Heaven
    The Shakers are famous for their simplicity, an ethic they broke when they sat to draw their Spirit-given visions. Plus: A gallery of Shaker art from the Hancock Shaker Village museum.
    By Jane F. Crosthwaite

    The Power of One Spirit
    Tom Bee brings Native American music to a higher level.
    By Brad MacDonald

    A Spiritual Smorgasboard Why is spiritual fiction so lousy?
    By Arthur Magida

    Fear and Craving in Disney World
    While some parts of the Magic Kingdom may be fun, its aggressive commercialism sows the seeds of discontent.
    By Dinty W. Moore

    In Search of Harry Potter's Soul
  • Wild About Harry
    Without fantasy, we lose our capacity to approach God with the trust, wonder and honesty of children.
    By Jean G. Fitzpatrick
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Failings
    Something's missing from J.K. Rowling's otherwise wonderful novels: a sense of the supernatural.
    By Mark P. Shea
  • Harry the Lionhearted
    An astrologer uncovers Harry Potter's birth date and charts his horoscope.
    By Barbara Schermer

    Exploring the Rhythm of the Heart
    Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart looks far afield--and deep inside--for the soul of his art.
    By Paul Raushenbush

    The New Trinity
    Bringing together the environmental, social, and spiritual movements. An interview with Satish Kumar, plus an excerpt from his book.
    By Barbara Graham 04/19/2000

    Simplicity Sells
    Scott Savage eschews cars--except when he's promoting his book.

    The Holy Longing
    What Mother Teresa, Janis Joplin, and Princess Diana have in common spiritually.
    By Ronald Rolheiser

    The Message Is Real Simple: Buy More Stuff
    How simplicity went from a movement to a trend.
    By Karen Lehrman

    To Bead or Not to Bead?
    Does the fashion craze for so-called Buddhist 'power beads' strip them of their power?
    By Dinty W. Moore

    God as General Manager
    By Dan Wakefield

    Gandhi and Tiger Woods
    Exploring the natural links between spirituality and golf.
    By Robert Wright

    Buying a Seat Near Heaven
    The NBA finals have columnist Jack Miles reflecting on sports arenas as temples, where we tithe more gladly than in our own places of worship.

    The Soul of the Olympics
  • Four U.S. athletes talk about how their faith helps them compete.
  • How competitive are you? Take our quiz to find out.
  • Plus check out our other Olympics offerings--stories, links, books, and MORE!

    The Sound of One Hand Dribbling
    Is it Zen or the players that keep winning for six-time world championship coach Phil Jackson? And can he do it again?
    By Daniel B. Wood

    Empty Pockets
    One woman's unique celebration during the High Holidays.
    By Johanna Skilling

  • Resolving to Be More Prayerful
  • Straight Talk With Tavis Smiley
  • Ethical Resolutions

    New Year's Rituals for Families
    How to celebrate a festive, meaningful New Year's with kids.
    By Meg Cox

    Happy Holidays (All of Them)
    For a pluralistic family like ours, the phrase 'One God, Many Paths' is the perfect fit.
    By Rosemary Bray McNatt

    A Multifaith Gift-Giving Guide
    By Arthur Magida

    Top 10 Tips for Making Your Holidays More Meaningful
    By Lama Surya Das

    Holiday Depression
  • Healing the Holiday Blues
  • Coping With Illness During the Holidays
  • Holidays From the Heart
  • When Children's Holidays Are Full of Sadness
  • Plus: Test Your Holiday Stress Level

    100 Blessings
    A Jewish prayer tradition that transforms the everyday into the spiritual.
    By Mary Beth McCauley

  • Like Harriet Tubman, we can use dreams to guide our way in life. By Robert Moss
  • PLUS: Test your R.E.M. IQ with our dream trivia quiz!
  • where to put these?

    Strength in (Small) Numbers
    Small groups are attracting more people, but do they have a lasting impact on participants?
    By Wade Clark Roof

    Who's the Saint?

  • Lives That Show God at Work
    What makes a person a saint? And who gets to decide?
    By Dan Wakefield
  • St. Dorothy
    Dan Wakefield advocates Dorothy Day's canonization.
  • Read her profile.
  • The Saints of the Dharma
    They're not canonized, but Buddhism's masters and miracle workers have all the right stuff.
    By Lama Surya Das
  • Are saints a universal concept? Check this chart to find out!
  • Who would you choose to be canonized? Vote in our poll!

    A community of Franciscan sisters launch an unusual fund-raising campaign.
    By Carolyn Thompson

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