Contemplative Practice, By Cynthia Bourgeault

  • Singing the Psalms
    The Sacred Tradition of Psalmody
  • Come, Follow Us
    The Benedictine path speaks to the hunger of today's spiritual seekers

    Sacred Flesh, By Mirka Knaster
  • Whole-Body Spirituality
    Why spirituality needs to be "fleshed out."
  • Touching Spirit
    Pioneering clergymen and religious are seeking to integrate the body into soul work.
  • Workout Wisdom
    Gaining insight from sore muscles.
  • Finding Time in a Busy Life
    How to develop a spiritual discipline.
  • Tuning Into the Body
    Balance in our bodies is often reflected in our lives.
  • Honor Thy Body
    In many faiths, taking care of physical health is part of the tradition
  • Sitting Like a Mountain
    Because the body and mind are interrelated, good posture supports good meditation.
  • The Path of Yoga
    A way to flex your physical and spiritual muscles.
  • The Ways of All Flesh
    Our view of the body affects how we use it in worship and spiritual practices.

    The Monastic Living Series, by Lynda McDaniel
  • Monastery Without Walls
    How communities help us grow spiritually.
  • A Recklessly Generous Heart
    How to adapt the monastic practice of hospitality to everyday life.
  • Hanging Out With God
    A daily prayer practice builds a relationship with the divine.
  • How Much Is Enough?
    Living simply by knowing what's important.
  • All for the Glory of God
    How work can be a spiritual practice.
  • Intentional Living
    Increasingly people are finding that principles practiced in monasteries are relevant to their lives in the outside world.

  • Blending Prayers With Profits
    How one company found both business and spiritual success.
    By Mary Beth McCauley

    A Stranger's Prayers
    One woman gets the answers to her prayers--a new sense of purpose.
    By Susan Morin

    Angelic Morning Meditation
    Start your day with this gentle, centering meditation. Narrated by Rev. Alma Daniel, music by Gerald Jay Markoe, and photographs by Marcia Lippman. Requires Flash.

    Just Do It
    Practices that engage us physically--praying the rosary, pilgrimages, walking the Stations--can bring us closer to God.
    By Fr. Robert Barron

    Hospital Patients Walk a Labyrinth
    The ancient maze has yet another new application

    Walking the Wedding Labyrinth
    Getting married on a labyrinth turns a ceremony of union into a walk of love
    By Helen Curry

    Prayer in Times of Crisis
  • Thinking his plane is going to crash, a long-time Buddhist is startled when he finds himself praying the Jesus Prayer.
  • A Zen practitioner, fighting a life-threatening illness, takes refuge in a simple affirmation of faith.

    Mother Drexel's Miracle
  • According to the Vatican--and Amy Wall's family--the little girl regained her hearing through the intercession of socialite-turned-nun, Katharine Drexel.
  • Read more about the October 1 canonizations. And vote your favorite activist for saint.

    Reclaiming Rituals
    In week four of your spiritual retuning, says Shana Aborn, focus on small, sacred tasks.

    How to Practice Lectio Divina
    A step-by-step guide to praying the Scriptures.

    Peace Meditation
    Experience our peace meditation, inspired By monk, author, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh.

    Rosary Revival
    Saying the rosary is becoming popular again as a means of meditation and contemplation.
    By Kristen Campbell

    What Can I Love Today?
    A simple retreat exercise brings love and gratitude into a man's life.
    By Richard Bauman

    Meditation in Motion
    Read about T'ai Chi, or Moving Qigong, then with the featured video clip, try a sitting Qigong exercise.
    By Sifu Bill Douglas

    Private Prayers
    People want prayer, but don't want their illnesses and problems made public.
    By Susan Hogan-Albach

    Opening the Heart
    Using metta meditation to open your heart, to yourself and to the world.
  • Read about lovingkindness.
  • Practice the meditation.
    With Vipassana teacher Sharon Salzberg

    Spiritual Fitness
    Getting the soul in shape with meditation, inspirational reading, and prayer.
    By Tzivia Glover

    Prayer Is Hell
    Seriously pursued, prayer confronts you with your own sinfulness.
    By Jim Naughton

    From Kitchen Chair to Meditation Cushion
    One woman's story of how prayer really does feed the soul
    By Margaret Bullitt-Jonas

    Winter and the Way
    How not to waste "each day lent By Heaven," and other Taoist wisdom on growing old.
    Translated By Thomas Cleary

    A Plea for Personal Prayer
    Instead of teaching kids to recite prayers they don't understand, let's teach them to pray from the heart.
    By Rodger Kamenetz

  • Thinking Like the Universe
    Sufi spiritual leader Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan says we need to shake off certain mental habits to see the Divine in the larger pattern of things.

    Holiness is Where You Find It
    Discovering the sacred in everyday activities
    By Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman

    The Holy Chariot

    The once-hidden teaching of the Holy Chariot is a vehicle that can carry us to higher consciousness.
    By Rabbi David Cooper

    Life Is a Prayer
    A busy modern woman has brought the practice of "praying the hours" to her workplace for more than 30 years.
    By Phyllis Tickle

    On Taoism
    Knowing the Tao is not a matter of knowledge but of experience.
    By Ken Cohen

    The Potato-Chip Meditation
    As a new twist on an old exercise, cookbook author Edward Espe Brown suggests mindful meditations on snack food.

    The mental and spiritual benefits of a good stroll.

    Yoga and the Quest for the True Self
    The power of transformational space
    By Stephen Cope

    Far From the Maddening Din
    The case for creating your own inner Cone of Silence.
    By Arthur J. Magida

    The Grasshopper Tale
    Every day unusual things happen; we only need to become aware of them.
    By Lewis Richmond

    In the Beginning Was Silence
    Have the tell-it-all generation and New Age Spirituality helped create too much candor about the inner life in the general discourse?
    By Sam Keen

    A New Prayer, A Father's Prayer
    I was used to praying for myself and my needs. How different it was to pray for someone who needed me--my new son.
    By Matthew Blair-Hoyt

    What is the Message of Unanswered Prayer?
    A Catholic hospital chaplain explores an age-old problem: how to hold onto our faith when our prayers for healing go unanswered.
    By Linda Arnold

    On Knowing Ourselves and Others
    Some thoughts on coming into rhythm with your soul. With audio clip and transcript.
    By John O'Donohue

    The Book of Hours
    While monks invented the alarm clock to tie them to prayer times, today we're bound to the modern equivalent--our Day Timers.
    By Gary Eberle

    My True Home is Brooklyn
    The lessons from a meditation retreat continue long after one arrives home.
    By Tracy Cochran

    Buddhist-Christian Interfaith Dialogue
    Thomas Keating talks about his experience with East-West interfaith dialogue and the relationship of Zen and Christianity.

    Can you say...Hero?
    How a simple request--Pray for me--alters a young boy's life.
    By Tom Junod

    Caveat Meditator
    Far from being a silver bullet for stress, meditation is a powerful tool for self-discovery.
    By Jean Latz Griffin

    Resting in God
    Trappist monk Thomas Keating talks about how centering prayer builds a relationship with God.
    By Anne A. Simpkinson

    Science Studies the Jesus Prayer
    Can seven words--Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me--change lives?
    Excerpted from Spirituality & Health--The Soul/Body Connection r

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