The Healing Journey, by Belleruth Naparstek

  • Finding a Therapist
    Some tips on tracking down a professional counselor.
  • Don't Rush the Healing
    After a relationship goes bad, it's important to take time and rebuild trust--with yourself.
  • Shouting Back
    How to drown out old messages from an abusive parent that echo in your head.
  • A Mystical Experience
    Altered states can feel both euphoric and frightening.
  • Comfort for Grieving Kids
    Young children are naturals for guided imagery.
  • How to Forgive
    Though difficult, this powerful spiritual practice benefits body and soul.
  • Cancer, Chemo, and Guided Imagery
    Staying relaxed, centered, and pro-active has a calming effect during treatment--and afterward.
  • Relief For a Stressed-Out Jaw
    Relaxing the whole body can help keep the jaw relaxed, too.
  • Thy Will or My Will?
    Healing doesn't have to be a tug-of-war between God and you.
  • The Headaches of Parenting:
    Managing the stress of going from single to married with children at warp speed
  • A Blessing in Disguise?:
    Redefining oneself in the face of job loss
  • Heading Off Migraines
    Guided Imagery can be effective pain management for both kids and adults with chronic headaches.
  • The ABC's of Kids and Tests:
    The important thing isn't the test but building skills for performing under pressure.
  • The Waiting Game
    Focusing on the process rather than the outcome may be more productive.
  • Help for Those With Traumatic Head Injuries
    Using guided imagery with semi-comatose patients.
  • Born to Be...What?
    Discovering your passion and turning it into a career.
  • Learning Life's Tough Lessons
    Striking a balance between parental hovering and giving a teenager distance after a trauma.
  • Attracting a Soul Mate
    It's not a case of an unhealed soul as much as psychological patterns that might be preventing you from finding a partner.
  • Regaining a Sense of Self
    Maintaining your center doesn't always have to be through a spiritual activity. 07/06/00
  • Spiritual Intensity & Spontaneous Remission
    A questioner explores mind-body phenomena.
  • Empty Nest
    Taking care of a child with special needs elicits the complexity of letting go all parents feel.
  • Overcoming the Fear of Rejection
    Advice on telling the difference between phobia and "the butterflies."
  • Delusions and Guided Imagery
    Regular practice of guided imagery can help with delusions.
  • Healing Affirmations
    Support your health and well-being through this guided affirmation.
  • Imagery to help with cancer
    While cellular imagery can be effective, other kinds can, too.
  • Jump-Starting Creativity
    The goal is expression, not product.
  • Guided Imagery for Relaxation
    Relax with supportive affirmations.
  • Flight Into the Light?
    Keeping mind, body, and spirit grounded and integrated. 05/05/00
  • Guided Affirmations
    Setting aside worry and clearing the mind.
  • Lucky Charms?
    Is it counter-productive to focus on externals--icons, get well cards, prayer beads, or prayer bowls--during cancer treatments?
  • Is Guided Imagery the Devil's Doorway?
    Addressing one person's worry that imagery is the work of the devil.
  • Dead People Walking
    A mother wonders what to do with her child who seems to be psychic.
  • Trouble Sleeping?
    Suggestions for getting your sleep schedule back on track.
  • Kicking the Addiction to Pain Killers
    The road to recovery is a full time job but also full of gifts.
  • The Passing of an Era
    The guru days are over. It's time to consult our inner wisdom.
  • Distance Healing for Others
    Imagery pioneer Belleruth Naparstek talks about the positive effects of distance imaging and offers a simple visualization.
  • Trauma and Weight Connection
    In dealing with trauma, the body sometimes protects itself in ways that create other problems.
  • Fertility and Guided Imagery
    A guided imagery exercise to prepare a woman's body for pregnancy.
  • What's Best?
    Are one-on-one sessions better than pre-recorded guided imagery tapes?
  • It's Only Natural
    Anxiety, disappointment, depression are all to be expected when facing cancer treatments.
  • Getting Back in Gear
    Suggestions for dealing with the trauma of a car accident.

    Sacred Flesh, by Mirka Knaster
  • Quiet Spirituality
    How silence soothes the harried soul.
  • Guarding the Tongue
    Why we should practice right speech.
  • Don't Hate Your Self
    In spiritual development, it's good to be somebody before letting go of the ego, and becoming nobody.
  • Movement Meditation
    Spiritual traditions in the East and West have different ways of integrating body and spirit.
  • Ecstasy or Pathology?
    Grace often comes in mysterious ways.
  • The Ritual of Fasting
    Many religions see the spiritual value in abstaining from food and drink.
  • Hands As the Eagles of Heaven
    How physical gestures can become another form of spiritual practice.
  • The Beauty of Virtue
    Spirituality--inside and out.
  • Whole-Body Spirituality:
    Using All Your Senses
  • Touching Spirit:
    A new way of ministering
  • Workout Wisdom
    Gaining Insight From Sore Muscles
  • Finding Time in a Busy Life
    How to develop a spiritual discipline.
  • Tuning Into the Body
    Balance in our bodies is often reflected in our lives.
  • Honor Thy Body
    In many faiths, taking care of physical health is part of the tradition
  • Sitting Like a Mountain
    Because the body and mind are interrelated, good posture supports good meditation.
  • The Path of Yoga
    A way to flex your physical and spiritual muscles.
  • The Ways of All Flesh
    Our view of the body affects how we use it in worship and spiritual practices.

    Higher Grumbles, by T. George Harris
  • The Shadow Side of Religion
    When prayers don't heal, does that mean our faith is weak? 08/24/00
  • From IQ to SQ
    Aspects of spiritual intelligence--forgiveness, hope, gratitude--have been found to be good for your health. 08/03/00
  • The Peaceful Mind
    A conversation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 05/18/00
  • Creating a Monster
    Want to raise a deviant? Take away your kid's porn. 05/05/00
  • What Your Soul Teaches Your Body
    The unity of mind, body, and spirit is being explored not only in spiritual but medical circles as well.
  • Features

    Clergy Wellness
    Rabbis are overworked and underappreciated.
    Catholics prepare for "priestless Sundays."
    Lutherans focus on pastoral fitness.

    A-maze-ing News
    Ancient labyrinths have a new application in hospitals and Believercise combines both faith and fitness.

    Ayurveda: The Science of Life
    Since 700 B.C.E. Indian culture has made an art and a science of this holistic system that promotes balance and improves health.
    By Shoba Narayan

    Awakening the Healing Process:
    Both Pete Sampras and Venus Williams recently used acupuncture to help heal tennis injuries.
    By Tim Wendel

    Release Modern Stress with T'ai-chi:
    Research continues to reveal the mind-body benefits of T'ai-chi, also known as Moving Qigong.
    By Sifu Bill Douglas

    The Herbal Path to Spiritual Awakening
    Herbs can prevent illness and assist in healing energy imbalances that can impede spiritual growth.
    By Letha Hadady, D. Ac.

    U.S. Teens Having Sex Less
    New data suggests that health concerns have helped teens "get religion" with regard to sexual activity.

    A New Spin on Yoga
    Combine spinning and yoga for the total mind-body workout.
    By Nicole Dorsey

    Heart Centered Medicine
    A profile of humanistic medical pioneer Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

    Touch Me, Heal Me
    A new study finds patients may benefit from therapeutic touch.

    Mind, Meet Body
    A new book by a medical researcher argues that there exist tangible connections among emotions, beliefs and health.
    By Gregg Easterbrook

    Wellness tips on a healthy fluid intake, getting a good night's rest and taking care of your back from the ":60 Second Mind/Body Rejuvenation" by Curtis Turchin.

    Controlling Anxiety So It Doesn't Control You

    Hey, Doc, Ask Me What I Believe
    Patients want their physicians to inquire about their religious beliefs--even when they don't have such beliefs.

    Beyond Freud
    The new 'psyche-spirit' movement in psychology views mental illness as a possible opening to spiritual transformation.
    by Christine Wicker

    On the Unconscious
    Psychological Projection or Fate? Listen to an audioclip of Marion Woodman explaining the effects of the unconscious in our lives.
    By Marion Woodman

    The Song of Dawn Boy
    A Navajo prayer.

    Yoga and the Quest for the True Self
    The eight qualities of transformational spaces are explored in this excerpt.
    By Stephen Cope

    Am I Really Powerless?
    A.A.'s stance--that an alcoholic must admit to being powerless in the face of alcohol--may not be right for everyone.
    By Mark Gauvreau Judge

    Yoga On/Off the Mat: Interactive Series
    By Anne Cushman

    Yoga IX: Hand to Toe
    Honoring Imperfection: Learning to see the perfection of our imperfections.

    Yoga VIII: Half-Sun Salutation
    Bowing to Life: When we practice devotion, the magic of every moment reveals itself.

    Yoga VII: ?

    Yoga VI: Upward-Facing Dog Pose
    Being a Body: Our bodies are flawed and fleeting, but what better place to practice our yoga?

    Yoga V: Squat Posture
    Coming and Going: Two simple happenings that get entangled.

    Yoga IV: Side Warrior
    Tidying Up: When we bring our bodies into alignment, we bring order to the mind as well.

    Yoga III: Reclining Bound Angle Pose
    Organ Music: Silence, meditation, and yoga can quiet us down enough to hear our inner rhythms.

    Yoga II: Seated Forward Bend Pose
    Snorkeling Meditation: When diving below the surface of mind and body, who knows what bizarre and beautiful creatures you might encounter?

    Yoga I: Downward-Facing Dog Posture
    Yoga Journey: Whether traveling through India or your own body, the challenge is the same: let yourself be where you are.

    The Healing Power of Prayer

  • Can You Pray Your Way to Health?
    Studies show that praying for your own health may be beneficial, but they are less conclusive about when others pray for you.
    By Gregg Easterbrook
  • With a Little Help From Her Friends
    Prayers may not have cured her cancer but, according to Karen Lander, they have helped her live a longer and fuller life.
    By Mary Beth McCauley
  • A Very Unusual Treatment
    When Dr. Kathi J. Kemper asked her colleagues to pray for a patient, she got some surprising results.
  • The Shadow Side of Religion
    When prayers don't heal, does that mean our faith is weak?
    By T. George Harris

    Religion & Health?
  • Is Religion Good for Your Health?
    Prayer, church attendance, and abiding faith all seem to positively affect blood pressure, heart, and coping skills.
    By Dale Matthews
  • Hey, Doc, Ask Me What I Believe A new study finds most patients want doctors to ask about their spiritual views.
  • What Your Body Teaches Your Soul
    The unity of mind, body, and spirit is being explored not only in spiritual but in medical circles as well.
    By T. George Harris

    Prozac: Poison or Promise for the Soul?
  • When Prozac Spells R-E-L-I-E-F
    Are you a spiritual cop-out if you take an anti-depressant?
    By Dan Wakefield
  • Is Prozac Good for the Soul?
    Do antidepressants improve or impair your spiritual life?
    By Peter R. Breggin, M.D.
  • Prozac and Peer Pressure
    Why I see antidepressants as a gift from God

  • By Courtney Sellers
  • Meditate or Medicate?
    An interactive chart.
  • The Healing of America
    Small groups are taking the place of larger churches in the search for solace and a healing environment.
    By George H. Gallup, Jr.

    Yoga Then & Now:

  • Stripping the Soul Out of Yoga?
    Yoga as it's practiced in American gyms has strayed far from its Indian roots.
    By Shoba Narayan
  • The New American Yoga
    Is Yoga losing its spirit by becoming mainstream?
    By Anne Cushman
  • The Path of Yoga
    A way to flex your physical and spiritual muscles.
    By Mirka Knaster
  • 1960s vs. 2000: an interactive chart
  • Cynics Beware:

  • Beyond Cholesterol
    Changing behavior can be just as important as modifying your diet in fighting coronary artery disease.
    By Elaine Ferguson and Beliefnet staff
  • David Letterman's Cynical Heart
    Beliefnet columnist Robert Wright argues that the late night show host is really suffering from excessive cynicism.
  • Is Your Heart At Risk?
    Take this quiz to find out how cynical you are and if you are in danger of developing heart disease.
  • Tapping Into the Body's Energy:

  • Sacred Life, Sacred Healing
    An interview with Dr. Norman Shealy on the sacred aspects of medicine and healing.
  • Energy Healers
    Exploring the benefits, pitfalls and realities of energy healing.
  • Emotional Healing
    How do people deal with unresolved emotions?
  • Alternative Medicine: A Portal to the Sacred
    Where illness is the key, alternative medicine is often the door to God.
    By Anne and Charles Simpkinson

    The Case for Pessimism
    Sometimes it's better not to see the silver lining.
    By Jane McGoldrick

    Reinventing Medicine
    A physician argues for a revolutionary way of viewing the mind that will alter our approach to healing.
    By Larry Dossey, M.D.

    A Torah of Listening
    By Rodger Kamenetz

    Slowing Down

  • Creating a sane work life
  • Living moment by moment
  • Doing vs. being

    Muslims and Medicine
    Religious practices shouldn't remain a mystery to doctors

    Nourishing the Spirit
  • Fasting Chic
    By Gregg Easterbrook
  • The Joy of Soy
    An Orthodox Christian's guide to Lenten fasting.
  • The Ritual of Fasting By Mirka Knaster
    Meditation 101
    How to "chill" mindfully

    Gary Null's Ultimate Lifetime Diet
    Looking within to lose weight

    The Body-Mind Connection
    Science is catching up with what shamans have always known

    Going With the Flow
    Discover the energizing effects and healing powers of shiatsu

    Inhaling Zen
    By Mariah Burton Nelson

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