Our first featured artist is A.J. Isbister, a painter whose work reflects the native folklore he grew up with and the experiences he had while working at a psychiatric center in Saskatchewan.

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Artist's Statement

Throughout the years, I've searched for a personal style that would best reflect my ideas and feelings. I am a Native American, but live and work in the world, which influences my culture, ideas, and imagery. I have come to realize that my style is not about technique--how to apply pigment on canvas--but it is an idea or passion within myself that I render physically. Whatever vision, passion, or idea that envelops me and manifests visually in my mind, is what will be seen externally. Putting the imagined to reality is the art of it all.


A.J. Isbister was born near Ahtahkakoop Reserve 80 miles Northwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. In 1975 he attended the International Banff Centre of Fine Arts West of Calgary, Alberta, and in 1976 he enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan in its fine arts program.

Throughout the years he has exhibited in both invitational and juried shows across Canada and internationally. His unique imagery is a product of native folklore encountered while growing up on a reservation and his experiences while employed at the Federal Forensic Psychiatric Centre in Saskatoon. Jean Chretien, prime minister of Canada, recently added one of Isbister's works to his collection. Other pieces are found within collections throughout North America.

A.J. Isbister

726 13th Street

East Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Phone: & Fax: 1-306-665-0396

E-mail: aj.isbister@sk.sympatico.ca

Online exhibitions: http://www.artplaces.com/isbister/



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