Mutt Named Moe 1 - SQuire Rushnell's Godwink Stories

Chuck McCann, is a commercial actor you’ve probably seen a hundred times. He once said to me, “You can never give back as much love as a dog gives you.”

Chuck was reminiscing about Moe, his black lab that was his best pal for ten years. Moe had his spot next to Chuck in the truck. He never left his side. Then Moe started feeling sluggish. The vet said he had but a short while to live. Chuck was crushed. He sadly remembers the day that Moe went to sleep in his arms and never woke up. He mourned Moe for ten months. Then one Saturday morning he had to meet someone in a park. It turned out there was dog adoption show going on. Chuck couldn’t resist…he began visiting with various dogs. Then one little dog, looking like a toy, a Lhasa apso, with one blue eye and one brown, came right up to him. Chuck lifted him up. “He’s like a bag of feathers!” he said, fighting the urge to fall in love again. Chuck started to put him down. “What’s his name,” he casually asked the owner. “Moe.” “Moe? This dog’s name is Moe?” The woman nodded. “I’ve got to have him!” he pleaded. The woman was taken aback. “Where would he sleep,” she inquired, hesitantly. “Why, on my bed,” said Chuck, with an air of "wouldn’t-everyone-know-that." The lady was still unsure. But, Chuck was persistent: “Our home is perfect—it’s built for dogs. They have their own door. They just let us stay there.” Well, maybe it was the humor, perhaps the passion, but the owner relented and Chuck had a new friend. Another dog named Moe.

“I’ll always miss my first Moe,” said Chuck, “but this little Moe fills a big hole in my heart.”

Our friendships and love with our animals are sometimes just as strong as with other humans. It’s only natural, then, for God to communicate to you through special godwinks with you and your pet. I’m working on a book called "When God Winks on Pets." I’d love to hear your Godwink Story about your pet. Would you send it to me? I’m SQuire Rushnell. Good wishes and godwinks.

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