Jerry’s marriage to Kimberly was on the rocks. He tried for counseling, but the first time the pastor forgot to show up. The second time, she wanted no part of it. Divorce followed. He dated another girl for eight months, but the relationship was drifting. Her name? Kimberly.

When they broke up Jerry decided to visit his sister Kimberly in Biloxi. He stopped at K-Mart and a gas station where both attendants wore name tags: Kimberly.

Jerry was beginning to wonder. He looked to the sky and said: “Lord, what’s the deal? Are you telling me the name Kimberly has anything to do with my failure in finding my soul mate?”

But a while later, things began looking up. A new engineer started working at Jerry’s plant. They began dating, fell madly in love, and pretty soon they were married.

Oh, yes, her name is Kimberly.

You see? That’s what happens when God winks at you. If you open yourself up to having dialogue with God, the way Jerry did, through prayer, you’ll find that God is not only guiding your path, but He shows He has a sense of humor too.

I’m SQuire Rushnell and I’m looking forward to hearing your Godwink Story.

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