In 2011 during the 84th Academy Awards, Oprah Winfrey was presented the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. Winfrey advised everyone at the ceremony and watching the televised event that she didn’t prepare a speech because she wanted to really speak from the heart – and that’s exactly what she did. Winfrey referenced her role in the film ‘The Color Purple’ and how that role truly resonated with her. She recalled opening the book and reading the first line that read, “Dear God, I’m fourteen years old…” Winfrey talked about God’s hand was always with her and along for her journey. Throughout the speech Winfrey referenced God and how he ultimately changed her life. She knows that without him she wouldn’t be where she is today. Everything that has come into fruition is because of the Lord’s hand. When she fell he picked her up. When she needed to talk he listened. And when she needed to cry he lent his shoulder. He was and is always with her.

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