At the 1997 Oscars Cuba Gooding Jr won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film Jerry Maguire. In the speech Gooding put his hands in the air and said halleluiah praise the Lord. Those words are spoken so genuinely and naturally by Gooding that you get goosebumps because you know deep down that he truly praises the God for his many blessings. He goes onto to thank God for giving him the many gifts in his life and allowed him to pursue him dreams as an actor. Gooding has never really been outspoken about his faith; however when he thanked the man upstairs for his award you could see the personal relationship that Gooding has with his Lord and Savior. And sometimes those are the best and most memorable moments because you don’t expect the support and love. Gooding was experiencing a vulnerable moment and he wanted to acknowledge God for everything he had done to make this all a possibility.

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