Respectful Guests

This forum you were viewing is protected for use by people who are a member of this faith group or other community. If you are not a follower of this faith, or a member of this protected group, you may post here on the following conditions:

  1. Each protected community may decide whether to allow respectful guests to post, or not. Beliefnet will respect the preference of each community.
  2. The purpose of the board is for members of that community to meet their own spiritual needs and support one another. A guest is just that, a guest, and the needs of the protected community come first in this board.
  3. As a guest you must not criticize this community here. Any remarks critical of this community must be directed to the Debate board. Note that if you consistently post criticisms in the Debate board, it is unlikely that the community will continue to welcome you as a guest.
  4. You may talk about your own beliefs, even if they are not consistent with the faith in question, in the normal course of getting acquainted. You should ask permission of the community members before doing this, and you must not impose yourself on them against their wishes.
  5. You must not dominate the board, and must not make community members self-conscious or uncomfortable.
  6. If more than one member of the community complains about your presence, Beliefnet will review and evaluate the situation and take appropriate action.