These days, our lives are so busy and the demands of mere existence are staggering. It's easy to be busy all day, every day, working yourself to the bone, and at the end of the day be tired -- really, really tired. But then we stay up longer, pushing ourselves further and further anyway. The next day we start out tired, and it's downhill from there. An endless cycle. I have found in myself and with my clients that when we're extremely tired, we crave energy. I’ll do anything to get it, including the total abandonment of my food plan. I often end up desperately grabbing carbohydrates (like candy for quick energy), or protein in large amounts, and then have to work it out within the limits of my Joy of Weight Loss Food Plan later on. And I feel guilty too! If only I could just get some rest when I need energy!

- Norris Chumley

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