Once you establish your health routine, it's easy and joyful to just keep it up. Make it a kind of "groove," to borrow a term from the 60's. This means making healthy practices automatic, rhythmic, and natural to you. This is about making spiritual and physical well-being an integral part of your life. FOOD PLAN: I recommend eating from all food groups every day, in moderate servings -- 6 carbohydrate servings / 2 meat / 2 dairy / 3 vegetables / 2 fruits – go lightly on fats, salt, and sweets. ACTIVITIES: Move your body at least 30 minutes a day. Over time work up to 60 minutes a day of moderate, enjoyable movement or play. PRAYER: Meditate in silent appreciation. Pray for help and guidance, and the ability to do God’s will. Worship in your own way, every day. CONNECTIONS: Call friends, go to support groups, or attend civic and arts events. Read and study what interests you.

- Norris Chumley

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