Ok, you've made some mistakes in the past. Today's another day. Start your life over today. Do the best you can. Forget about yesterday, and the past. That's over and done. You have the chance for a whole new beginning now. You have a clean slate, fresh start, new life every day. What will you make of it? Do your very best to not repeat the mistakes you made yesterday. Did you eat too much? Then make sure to eat less today. Did you have a chance to be physically active? Make the time first thing today. Did you binge eat? What kind of food was it? Avoid it, surrender it, and give it up to God today. Speaking of God, if you are unable to control your mistakes (as many of us cannot, let me assure you) then you're on the right track to God. Give up. Get God’s help. Each day is a brand new day, a brand new day to do the will of God.

- Norris Chumley

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