My kids say all the time, "But that’s not fair!" I tell them they’re right! It’s true life is often not fair; at least when we insist things always go and be the way we want. Then, of course things seem unfair. That’s where the "not fair" problems begin: with the self. Buddha called it "attachment." When we are attached to our selfish desires, when we expect that people behave the way we want them to, when we insist on the world being totally the way we want--this is what causes suffering. The Torah teaches us to do good deeds for others, mitzvahs, and to not be so preoccupied with our own concerns. Christ taught us to love our neighbor, and put ourselves aside; he also taught us to love God with all our being. When we are selfless and non-attached; when we put ourselves aside and let love grow beyond our preconceived, limited desires--then life truly is fair. When you align yourself with the will of God, you become God’s partner, and rise above the level of reacting and attachment to the way you think everything should go. God directs you, and everything is fine. Sure, life is hard--things don’t go the way you want--it seems hard. But you talk it out, work it out, do your best, and let your Creator lead the way. You’ll be not only fine, you’ll see that all is fair.

- Norris Chumley

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