Most people who set out to lose weight get a healthy focus on their goal or the end result. They picture themselves as thin, beautiful, and happy. Unfortunately, few actually achieve this unrealistic expectation in exactly the way it was conceived! Most of us get thinner, yes, but it didn’t solve all of our problems. We’re not the way we pictured, not totally happy, not beautiful...and many of us don’t know how to handle it when we reach the goal. The body may be different, but our heart and soul isn’t. This is exactly why it’s almost impossible to maintain the lost weight. The reason I’m one of the 5% who did keep the weight off (150+ pounds, over 15 years), is because I discovered that I had to learn to love the process of losing weight. I had to learn to love eating in moderation. I had to be active every day in a way that I loved, so I would look forward to it and do it. I had to learn to feel good about myself, surrender the fear and hardship to God and let some joy into my life.

- Norris Chumley

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