Meet Helene, a woman who has lost 50 pounds and kept it off over 23 years. See if you can relate to her words… "I was out on my own the first time (in my early 20’s) and started to meet men and whatever; I didn’t handle it very well. I didn’t have the tools to cope on a daily basis. So...I found my comforter again, which was food. What happened is this kind of chubby girl grew into a kind of chubby, borderline fattish person, (I was about 50 pounds overweight). And then, as I went on and on and on in my twenties, I just felt very isolated, very much not a part of things, and the more I’d feel that, I would eat. And the food initially would bring a lot of quick pleasure, but it never did in the long run. I was really feeling very, very alone… and I remember being in my apartment and looking out a window and feeling at my lowest. At that moment I said to myself, what’s the sense in continuing on? But there was that spark in me, and I believe that spark in everyone...that wants to live...the desire to live was greater than the part of me that wanted to check out." By belief in a Higher Power, Helene saw a way greater than herself; a solution bigger than her self-destructive feelings. That Higher Power she relied on was what helped her lose and keep the 50 pounds off.

- Norris Chumley

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