In trying to make yourself better, it helps to get to the truth about the role food plays in your life and what your daily routine is really like. It may be hard to admit, but in the long run, "The truth will set you free." Do you have habits that are causing you to be overweight and unhealthy? Are you making your best effort to change? Are you taking good care of yourself by getting enough sleep, being active every day, and taking time to relax and nurture yourself? Is your emotional and spiritual practice what you think it should be? Almost all of us mean to be taking better care of ourselves, getting more exercise, spending more time with friends than we do. But it's important not to confuse what you mean to do with how you really live. Face facts, because you may be fooling yourself. And if you are, it's never too late to start changing for the better. In that moment of choosing to eat too much or not be active--on the verge of second helpings or avoiding getting up from the couch--say this to yourself:

- Norris Chumley

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