I'm convinced that one of the reasons we ignore our plans to eat less and lose weight when faced with the desire to overeat is that our brain isn't in synch with our body. Somehow, the thought of immediate pleasure from eating gets disconnected from the body's signals: "I'm too fat, don't feed me too much!" This particularly occurs when there's good looking or great smelling food around, or when we're bored, or emotionally upset. The next time you're about to overeat, try these techniques: 1. Touch your stomach. Go ahead and rub your tummy with your hands. Feel your body, alive, connected with your thoughts. 2. Now touch your head. Feel your face, hair, scalp, and the back of your head. Tell yourself that you are alive in there! 3. Picture in your mind that your energy is inside your body, in your stomach, in your head, brain, and that your mind is deeply, intimately, and directly connected to your body. Picture being in your stomach, and being just filled enough, without having to vastly overstretch to hold excess food.

- Norris Chumley

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