I got a call from some close friends on vacation last summer. They were out in the middle of a remote lake in Washington state, on a paddle-boat-for-two, calling on their cell phone to say hello. They were having a great time, paddling around the lake, getting some exercise, being together, and seeing some beautiful scenery. You could rent one of those paddleboats, or even go on a rowboat. Remember the song, the words are true: ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT, GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM. MERRILY, MERRILY, MERRILY, MERRILY, LIFE IS BUT A DREAM! Or if you don’t have time--or a handy lake--go to the gym and use a rowing machine. Keep your back straight, grab the row bar, and pull the chain back and forth while pumping your legs. Sing that little rowing song as you do it. Just do 10 strokes at first, if you’re not used to it.

- Norris Chumley

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