I constantly crave sugar & carbs. I would like to learn how you became "unaddicted" to these food items. Recently, I wrote about sugar and artificial sweeteners and received lots and lots of comments and questions! It seems that sugar and carbohydrates are on a lot of people’s minds (and in a lot of bodies) these days. I was once a serious sugar addict, and still occasionally have a hard time not eating a lot of sweets. To answer your question, I did three things: I asked God to relieve me from the bondage of sweets, I followed a regular food plan, and I asked for and was given the power of discipline. As a sugar addict, I was compulsive and unable to control my cravings and indulgences on my own. I knew that ice cream, candy, and desserts were making me fat. (400 pounds was my highest weight). So I called out to a "higher power" and prayed constantly for freedom from those cravings. Today, some 15 years later, instead of craving, I am praying. I also asked God for a food plan. I spent a lot of time learning nutrition and developed the Joy of Weight Loss Food Plan for myself and others. Then, I asked God to help me stick with it, and grow new habits. And God did help. One more thing: I ultimately wanted to be able to eat anything and still maintain a reasonable, healthy weight. That meant I wanted to be able to have sweets and desserts again, but this time without compulsion. After a couple of years of losing weight, when I got to the right weight for me, I began to add sweets to my Food Plan. Now, I have one serving every other day, generally. (Note to diabetics: you may be unable to have sugar at all; it’s potentially life-threatening. Please, as always, consult with your doctor.) I thank God that I am able, with continued discipline, love, and prayer, to be moderate. I have been relieved from the sugar addiction, and you can be, too.

- Norris Chumley

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