Get yourself a "Beliefnet Spiritual Weight Loss Buddy." Find a friend or person who is following the "Joy of Weight Loss Plan" or some other healthy diet and do it with them (or share yours). Post a message on the boards and ask others to join you in your quest for positive change. Talk to each other several times a day. Share what you're going to eat, and what you're feeling and experiencing around the act of eating. Tell your buddy what you’re doing instead of overeating and being inactive. You can also find a buddy in your community. Go to a Twelve Step group, such as Overeaters Anonymous, or a self-help group sponsored by a church, synagogue, or community center. If there is no spiritual weight loss group nearby, you could try forming one yourself. Put an announcement in your house of worship's regular bulletin or newsletter, and invite people to contact you or come to the first meeting (give a date and time and meet in an available meeting room). Once you find buddies, get together for walks, or bounce a ball back and forth. Be yourself with them. Listen to them and be their support and advocate, and let them do the same for you. It's easier when we share our lives with others, because we’re all in this together, and LIFE'S HARD!

- Norris Chumley

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