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Angels, what advice can you give us about money?

Money is a very sensitive issue when it comes to humans and the earth’s plane of existence. For you money is equal to your survival. Just saying the word money can overwhelm some people with fear. It's always "Money, Money, Money." Money is very much like a spoiled child: all other valuable resources are completely ignored. In order for there to be a balance with money you must understand where money is born: from an exchange through thoughts, energy, work, prayer, or a blessing.

Although there are all sorts of currency of money such as shells, cattle, and rocks in other parts of the world, we are used to seeing money as the traditional coins and paper. But, let's think of this for an example. Not all people are using what you would first think of as money. This shows you the importance we put on money’s appearance. Huge mistake. For money comes in many shapes and sizes, especially the ones you would never suspect. If we were to bestow you with one million shells and say, "You are now wealthy and will have everything you desire," you would not believe it for a moment. You would think they’re worthless shells. You wouldn't see them as disguises for one hundred dollar bills. The point is money is not always "money." This is something you must learn. Money can come from work as it can from a friend, an idea, guidance, a donation. But it always stems from the Source of All.

You can bring in more money by not being afraid of it. You treat it like the predator, and it will prey upon you. You treat money like prey and you will have dominion over it. You treat money with appreciation, love, and respect then it will react in a much different attitude when it comes back to you.

Money grows every second, every minute and every hour of the day and night. Do not place boundaries of how or when money can appear. Treat money well, and do not be irresponsible with it. Remember: money is alive, too. When you handle money with disgust or anger--even when you let it go--you will still feel energetic vibrations. And if this pattern continues, you may not know how to stop it. What to do? Take inventory of or write a letter to Money. Let it know why you think of it the way you do; that you need help with improving the way you respond to it, especially when paying bills or making purchases. In return, you will pay with more joy and buy more peace.

You may also keep track of money by being on the giving end of it. The person who is successful with money has the power to alter the lives of others. A charitable heart makes one more aware and in tune with the funds that come in and out of their life. Those individuals are participating in the flow and balance of money. Do not become attached to this notion, but observe it. You may be surprised at what you learn.

There are times when you ask yourself, “How can this be that so many are struggling with money? They are doing what they should: not overspending, working hard--really trying.” Then there are others who never have money issues. At times you have placed habits or situations that you can’t get out of. You may not feel safe or uneasy without enough money. It may sound contradictory. You may believe money eliminates drama or helps someone find their way in life; that it’s a security blanket. But don’t be fooled; money can cause an uproar, jealousy, and competition.

While the angels do everything they can to provide you with what you need, there are lessons to be learned from the lack of money. Those who cannot afford to purchase enough food will quickly realize the plight of worldwide hunger and connect much sooner with those who are starving globally or even in their own community. For example, Oprah Winfrey is a woman that is wealthy by earthly standards. But she continues to share her wealth and often marvels at the richness it has given her that is much larger than dollar signs. She considers it a privilege to share, and that lesson in gratitude makes her feel rich within.

There are many who abuse the power they have with money and this is directly connected to fear: the fear of never having enough; not wanting to give since. And while the selfish millionaire may never understand the inner richness of sharing, but will always be opportunities for him or her to transform oneself. All are born in the light, but along the way they are injured or influenced, thus confined by darkness. However, that speck of light still exists and when awakened again by even the tiniest kind action, it bright light will awake and enable a one back to their true essence once again.

Money may make it seem like everything especially with how society governs this is not always the case. We don’t want anyone to be without, but we must learn to overcome selfishness, wants, and desires so we can enjoy the simple, often greatest, riches in life.

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