Meditations Before Entering Mikveh

Now, as I immerse myself. I begin a new cycle,
a cycle of rebirth and renewal
of Your world and Your people Israel.
I prepare for my new life
and for the sanctification of that life
through the ritual of immersion.

Our mothers Rebecca and Rachel were betrothed and began new lives
at the gently flowing water of the well.
Our mother Yocheved gave life to her child Moses
in the ever-flowing waters of the Nile.
Our sister Miriam danced for the saving of lives
beside the overflowing water of the Sea of Reeds.

Water is God's gift to living souls,
to cleanse us, to purify us,
to sustain and renew us.

As Moses and Aaron and the priests of Israel
washed with cleansing waters before attending to God's service at the altar,
so I now cleanse myself -- before your altar of sanctification.

I am now prepared to link my life with the life of the people of Israel,
and with the God of Israel,
to become a partner in sharing the joys of Jewish living,
to learn and to celebrate the rhythms of a Jewish life.
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