Supplication in Asking Pardon

O God,
I ask pardon from Thee for
the person wronged in my presence
whom I did not help,
the favour conferred upon me
for which I returned no thanks,
the evildoer who asked pardon from me
and whom I did not pardon,
the needy person who asked from me
and whom I preferred not over myself,
the right of a believer who possesses a right incumbent upon me
which I did not fulfil,
the fault of a believer which became evident to me
and which I did not conceal,
and every sin which presented itself to me
and which I failed to avoid.

I ask pardon, my God,
for all of these and their likes,
with an asking of pardon in remorse
which may act as an admonisher
against similar things ahead of me.

So bless Muhammad and his Household
and make
my remorse for the slips
into which I have fallen
and my determination to refrain from the evil deeds
which present themselves to me
a repentance which will make Thy love for me obligatory
O lover of those who repent!
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