Dua'a E Akhas'si S'ifaatika

Allah, in the name of your most special, in the name of the dignity of your exalted majesity, in the name of the greatness of your names, in the name of the purity of your prophets, in the name of the light of your chosen representatives, in the name of the blood shed by the martyrs in your cause, in the name of the ink used by the scholars of your purpose and plan, in the name of the prayers of the righteous and in the name of the invocations made by your servants leaving in resignation and asceticism, we beseech you for continuous addition in knowledge, freedom from sickness in the body, long duration of life spent in your obedience abundance in the means of livelihood, divine guidance to turn repentant unto you, before death, freedom from pain at the time of death, protection after death, light in the grave, escape from the hell, entry into the paradise and safety from all the evils of the world and from the chastisement in the hereafter, in the name and for the sake of Muhammad and his pure, purified and infallible progeny.
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