For All Who Struggle With Overeating

Dear God,
Today I pray for all people everywhere
who struggle with overeating.
Have mercy on them, Lord.
Have mercy on me!

Give Your church grace and wisdom
to reach out to people who are caught
in a cycle of overeating and underexercising.
May there be no spirit of judgment toward them,
but one of love, mercy, and genuine caring.

Show me how I can reach out
to help others who need support.
May there be no prejudice
in how I treat other fellow strugglers in Your church.
Make us one in You, God, thin and heavy alike.

May we lift one another up in prayer daily
and lift a hand to help whenever we see a need.
Gather to Your heart all who love You
and need Your power at work in them.
Have mercy on us, and forgive us.
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