The Mind

We have all heard the phrase “A Mind is a terrible thing to waste.” How true that statement is. What we think about can create blessings or it can attract harmful things in our lives. Our way of thinking is the start of how we react to certain situations, how we treat one another, how we bless one another and how we view our lives as individuals. Our mind is the connection to our heart that connects to our inner being which resonates through our outer being and changes the atmosphere that can turn an entire situation around for the good or the bad. Before doing a study on the mind, heart and spirit, I never knew how each educes from one another and how it is important they are in sync at all times. Not only that, how it affect others around us. (Think about that for a moment) I challenge you today to not waste your mind on thoughts that do not display your creativity or bring out the best that lies deep within each of you. Let’s be more in tune with each part internally that will give balance but mostly allure to the greater that will surface externally.

Father God, help produce in me the right mind set that will change my way of thinking about others, things and mainly me.
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