I remember visiting Lycoming, PA in early fall approximately a year ago. The weather was already frigid and the fog cascading from the mountain tops. It was around 5 am that particular morning when I arrived and as I looked over, there was a beautiful sunrise slowly arising from behind the mountain top. (Just imagine if you can) I remember saying to myself, “what a beautiful picture of nature.” It made me reflect on God, think of the awesome creation of nature and how often we take for granted the simple things in life. We get so busy with our homes, families, jobs and other miscellaneous items that we seem to forget to take a moment to reflect on the beautiful surroundings that already exist. As we go through the rest of this day, take the time to reflect, enjoy what has been created just for you and give thanks. Just like the sunrise I observed on that early fall morning, there is something beautiful waiting for your eyes to see.

Father, help me to open my eyes today and going forward to see the wonderful things You have created for me to enjoy and appreciate.
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