Rear View Mirror

As drivers of automobiles, we know the rear view mirrors on cars were established to assist us in identifying blind spots while driving to eliminate accidents most of the time. We can name a few times that we may not have used that rear view mirror while driving. I know I can. Why do we use the rear view mirror more often in life than we do while driving? We often keep watch over the things that may have happened in the past more often than we should. We give those situations and circumstances more attention than we do what is happening in the present and what we are expecting to take place in the future. Why is that? Do we feel because of our past mistakes we are not worthy to have a promising future? Do we have a hard time letting go? Do we have difficulty forgiving others and ourselves? Yes, we do. How do we overcome this obstacle, take the leap of faith and move forward into what has been prepared for us? We must learn how to use the rear view mirror of life as a tool to be used to remember lessons learned, not to dwell on and get stuck reliving the same mistakes. We must begin to understand that we are not perfect people and the mistakes that are made in life can be used to make us stronger and wiser. It’s time to stop looking back in your life’s rear view mirror, turn around and look forward. Let’s start today. How can you see where you are going when you are always looking back?

Father God, give me the ability to let go of the mistakes I have made in the past, forgive myself and others. Teach me to stop looking back and start looking forward to what You have prepared for me.
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