For All Those Who Face Abortion

Dear Heavenly Father, God Almighty of the whole Universe, may thy Light, Life and Love fill the expanse of thy Creation, and assist all those who consider or have gone through this Soul Destroying ordeal. May Peace be spoken to their Hearts, minds, and Souls, and may they repent with power.

May we have the strength to Choose the Right, regardless of the consequences. May all mothers considering this horrible action be granted a vision, however brief, of their unborn children, realizing how precious they really are. And remember the commitments that we made to each other before coming to this earth.

Protect them from the Adversary Father. Lead them in the Path of Eternal Life.

May my fellow brothers feel the Power of the Holy Ghost and be convinced of their duty, honor, and obligation to their unborn children, and be the strong shoulder to lean on that thy Daughters need so badly.

May those men and brothers radiate true manhood: the kind that is as strong as steel and yet as tender as linen. May they have the courage, honor, and fortitude to support their wives or girlfriends and children as thou has ordained. May their Hearts remember their commitments in the Grand Counsel.

Please, please, please Father, forgive those Daughters who have already done this, to know of thy Love, personally; to receive an answer to their prayers for forgiveness, that they can be filled with knowledge that surpasseth all understanding.

Thank you for the Sacrifice of thy Son and our older Brother, Jesus Christ, and His Atonement. May every knee bow, and tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ. Amen.
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