For Our President

Father, I'm praying for our President (name him)...

May we always have a President who is a man after Your own heart. May integrity and uprightness protect him because his hope is in You. Help him to live a blameless life, to trust You without wavering. May he walk continually in Your truth, and may he not neglect his time with You, no matter how busy or whatever the crisis. Help him to hear You clearly as You guide him through decisions that can affect our nation and the world. (1 Samuel 13:14; Psalm 25:21; 26:1b, 3b; Matthew 6:6; Isaiah 30:21)

Keep those who are deceitful or hypocritical away from him. When others are trusting in military might and power, may he trust in You and Your holy name; keep him on level ground as he leads. Hide him in the shelter of Your presence from the intrigues of men; keep him safe from accusing tongues. (Psalm 26:4; 20:7; 26:12a; 31:20)

May he know You as the Lord, his rock, his fortress and deliverer. Be his stronghold, his refuge and Savior. May he call to You, who is worthy of praise, and be saved from his enemies. Be his shield, and help him turn to You for wisdom without doubting; give him Your wisdom generously as You have promised. (2 Samuel 22:2–4, 31; James 1:5–6)

In Jesus' name, amen.
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