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Read or add your prayers to one of the prayer circles below or create your own.

Sgt. Tino Erbach
" I thought this would be a nice place for people to leave good karma and prayers for our HERO Tino."

Brad Martin
" I'd like everyone's prayers for my husband to be safe in Iraq and to come home safely... We have a baby on the way who is very excited to meet their daddy."

Maryanna S.
"Maryanna joined the Marines before she ever graduated from High School, in Hollywood, Florida. She knew that this was the place for her and she felt as though she was answering a calling."

Sgt. Sam Johnson
"Sam is my friend and dear brother. He has always had a love for the United States and deeply believes in the protection of Americans and freedom everywhere."

Jon Fonzi

"Jon is my younger brother.... Growing up, I was always the one looking out for him... after his return from Afghanistan he told me, 'I'm going to take care of you now.'"

Ben K.
"Ben survived a big bombing in Baghdad. Ben was buried alive for three days, until someone found him. His injuries are serious, and will take time to heal. Please pray for him."

Jesse Flores
"Jesse is an SPC in the US Army and he is my boyfriend and my best friend"

Dustin Vigneault
"Please help my children through another hard separation as Daddy has to go back to Iraq until the spring"

Chris C.
"He left shortly after his wife became pregnant and she has given birth since then. Chris has not seen his baby girl yet and she will be about a month old when he finally returns"

Scott Clawson
"He is my brother and I couldn't ask God for a better one. He is my best friend and my hero. I couldn't live without him. He makes people laugh and is full of compasion, strength and good spirits"

Francisco Esqueda
"Tus padres , hermanos, y amigos, seguimos agradeciendole a Dios por tu vida, y le rogamos que pronto estes de regreso"

Private Paul Davis
"Paul is my first born son. I feel very blessed to have him as my son. I know God has a plan for his life"

Eric Bach, LCPL
"May God keep him and all our troops safe. Eric, you are like a son to me. God Bless You!"

Mike R.
"My cousin and my friends Ned and Barry are fighting for our freedom in Iraq... I love you boys!!"

SSG Christopher Ellis, 173rd Airborne BDE
"The kids and me are missing you very much and can't wait to have you at home again"

Christopher Dale Dennis, U.S. Marine Corps
"The Barnes family of Hiawassee, Ga. would like to extend our prayers, and Gods hands, upon the shoulders of Chris Dennis, who has taken the heart of our 17-year-old daughter"

Damien Bernicky
"We have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old little girl named Kyrstin Marie and have been married for 3 years this May"

Roxley Pratt, U.S. Marine Corps
"Keep him safe and sane. Please Father, encourage, comfort, lift up, cover, renew, strengthen, and keep him"

Rick & Adrian Garcia
"My sons keep your trust in God, He shall give you strength and courage for whatever task you're up against"

Steven Hatfield, Army Specialist
"With a newborn baby on the way, your wife is anxious to have you back. We all want you back safe and sound"

Kenny McNeil, TSGT 410 AEW of the 187th Fighter National Guard
"Please pray for our Son, brother, nephew, uncle, husband, and dad to return safely to us"

James (Jim) Becker, Army Sgt.
"Carry my love across the miles and let him know that his wife is with him..."

Marcus Hall, PFC 152d Infintry, R.T.O. Bravo Co. 1st Bat
"God is watching over all our soldiers. We are with you in our hearts. Not a moment goes by you're not in our thoughts"

Spc. Daniel Rodriguez, my brother 4th infantry
"We love you Daniel, and we hope that you will come back safe to us. Our prayers our with you, please be careful"

Aaron Bartlett E-3 Army Communications
"Aaron loves God, his country, his wife and his children, and will miss them very much"

SPC Lenzy Phillips, US Army Field Artillery
"Please pray for my husband and for me.... Both my parents have passed away so, it's just me and him against the world so to speak"

Sgt. Mel S., National Guard
"Pray for my younger brother Mel. he has served our country for 18 years"

Eric Garrett, LCPL
"Bless my son LCPL Eric Garrett so he can safely come home to his family and his son that was born April 3, 2003"

Justin Griffin & Randy James
"Justin Griffin is my older brother and I miss him greatly. Randy James is a close friend of his"

Pierre Philippe
"This prayer circle is dedicated to an extremely amazing man who is serving our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom"

Sgt. Aloma Sosa
"Beloved daughter, sister and aunt. May GOD protect you, and bring you safely back to your family"

Chris Briggs, US Army
"Help Chris to return home with the loving, adventurous and faithful spirit that brings so much joy to the people who know him."

Brandon Strawn
"This is a prayer for my son Brandon. I am praying for the safe return to you and all the soldiers."

Christopher Fischer, Spc, HHD 485th, US Army
"Chris, not a day goes by that you arn't in our thoughts and prayers. We pray that God will keep you in his arms."

Tracy Cazee, SGT in the Marine Corp
"Pray that Sgt. Cazee knows the love he is receiving here at home and that he knows how proud his wife and kids are of him."

Alfred Munoz
"We haven't heard from him since the war began & pray everyday that the Lord will keep him & all who are serving safe."

Scott Brown, USMC Corporal

"The only thing that keeps me going strong here, is the belief in God and that you are in His hands."

Timothy Stevenson, LCpl
"We pray that God will send Mighty Angels to go before you and after you. Love Mom, Dad and Tony."

Derrick Carter
"Mom, Dad, Grandmom, Granddad, Aunts, Uncles, cousins are all praying for the safe return into the bossoms of our love and warmth"

Sgt. Jaime Ortiz
"Muchas bendiciones para ti y mis pensamientos positivos para que pronto estemos todos juntos"

Danny Boy Senior Airman, 317 AMXS, USAF
"We love you, Danny! Not a day goes by that we do not pray for you and hope that you come home safe and soon"

David Reed
"I just found out that my half brother (whom i've never met) is in Iraq. I pray that the Lord will watch over him (and the other troops). I also ask that when this is over with that the Lord will bring us together as a whole family"

Joshua Michael Casey, EN3
"You have a wife and a beautiful daughter waiting for you when you come home. May God guide your footsteps"

Loyd Johnson, Cousin
"Loyd is in Iraq fighting for this country and we all wish him and everyone else fighting a safe return"

Lcpl J.J. Sanchez
"My son J.J. has been gone since Jan 2003 and is now fighting in the Operation Iraqi Freedom war"

Greg Ebersole, "World's Best Father"
"Greg is deployed to Iraq. He is the bravest man I know. He is a wonderful father and husband. He is proudly serving in the Army"

Claudio L. Garza III, LCPL
"In our hearts, and in our prayers for a quick and safe return; We love you and are proud of you. Love, Aunts Lel & Laurie"

Dominique Rhines
"Pray for my son and friends safe return"

Joseph M. Belcher, LCpl USMC
"Having no knowledge from any previous family members serving in the military, it has all been like some dream that I will someday wake up from"

Sgt. Isaac Delacruz
"This is just a prayer for the love of my life. I just heard from you today and it was great... We all love you and miss you very much."

LeRontez F, Husband
"We want you to know not a day goes by that we don't think of you and pray for your safe return"

Robert Romines, Marines
"This is for all family who needs prayer for their loved ones. I have a nephew in the Marines, and I haven't heard anything of where he is"

F. Crocker
"He is a son, brother, husband, father, uncle & grandfather. He has a new 2 month old grandson"

Hector Garza Jr.
"USS Nimitz Sailor. A son, a brother, a nephew, best friend most of all!"

John Stubbs, Army Airborne PFC in Kuwait
"Please pray for my twin brother! He has been in the middle east since February and won't be home for a while"

Crystal Jones
"Crystal is in the US Air Force... a daughter, sister, and brand new auntie"

Daniel Jones
"Daniel is in the US Air Force... He is a son, a brother, and a brand new uncle"

1st Marine Division Charlie Co. 1/5 Weapons Plt.
"I love all these boys like they were my brothers... Along with serving alongside my husband, LCpl. James Wade Russell, they have been constant friends and supports to me"

Mariah & Ahmed; Aisha & Hassan, Beliefnet members
"Four of our Beliefnet friends are serving with the US military in Iraq during this troubled time. No matter how you feel about the war, I hope you will join us in wishes that they will return soon, safe and secure, to their families and friends"

Larry Sollinger
"He has a wife and 2 beautiful children, he has 2 sisters and a brother we all miss him so very much"

D.J. Shriner
"David is a son, brother, father, and a fiance, who is currently deployed to Iraq... We miss you David!"

SSG.Jeffery Gilbert
"He is a true gift from God who lightens the path of everyone he meets"

Timothy Reed, Corporal in USMC
"My husband (newlyweds) was sent over in February. One month after we had our first daughter."

Ryan Forrider
"Ryan is a 19-year-old young man who is trained as a firefighter. He is sadly missed by his family who love him very much. When he returns to the U.S.A. he plans to marry his fiance Jenny. We have not heard from Ryan for a month..."

Kenny Dennis
"He has a mom, dad, 3 sisters, one brother and a newphew and loads of other family members who love and miss him."

Brian Guillen, 4th Infantry 3rd Brigade
"We pray everyday our guardian angels are watching over him. Keep us in your prayers and we will do the same."

Melvin Bonner, SFC, United States Army
"Please pray for Melvin's safe return. May GOD send & keep his guardian angels encamped around him continuously."

Gabriel Banks, Specialist in the army, 82nd airbourne division
"Someone's son, brother, husband, father and friend to many. We love you and we pray for your swift and safe return."

Jaime Gonzalez, CPL, Marine Corps
"Please keep our son Jaime from harm ... All our friends and relatives are praying for you Jim!"

Joshua Youngblood
"Each day I pray that he and his peers have the strength to carry on at the end of a weary day."

Deven S., Military Police Gunner
"My husband is an MP in the United States Army and he is deploying on my 19th birthday for Iraq."

Nicholas Isbell, SPC
"I only wish I could be there with you now during the hard days ahead. I love you and we are all here waiting for your return."

John (Nick) Dunning, PFC USMC
"We pray that God holds him safe in his arms til we can hold him in ours again."

Jim C., Sergeant First Class, US Army
"Jim is still in Kuwait. There have been a total of 17 missiles intercepted by our Patriot missile system set up along the border of Kuwait that has kept my brother alive. Praise God!"

Jason Hunt, Army Soldier
"Heavenly Father, stretch your mighty hand over my son and protect him from harm."

Robert Beaty
"A dad across many miles... I pray that my father will come home safely to me, my sister, and my mother"

Matt Dvorak, SW3 NMCB
"Matt and his wife will be having a baby soon. We all can't wait for the baby to arrive"

Patrick Frisbie, New Member of 551st Military Police Co.
"Please pray for the safe return of my nephew Patrick. He just graduated from training in March and was immediately deployed"

Thomas G. Dieringer, Jr., PFC, U.S.MC
"Bless and comfort his mother and immediate family in faith that your loving hands will bring him safely home"

Jose Hernandez, un amigo fiel
"Jose is a great person who has touched many lives especially mine. Though I never got to tell him how much I care, I know he knows and I'll tell him again when he comes back"

PFC Phillip Snowden
"Phillip talked of joining the US Army since his junior year in high school... Now he is a soldier"

Jeff Criss, Specialist
"He has left behind newborn twin boys and a wife... Misty, Hayden, Hunter, Gina, Shawn, Samantha, Mallory, Hanna and Family"

Michael Fullbright, Marine
"It would tear my heart in two if anything were to happen to him. We need his smiling face back in Okemah"

Robert Cazares
"His wife is due to have their 2nd son any day now. [Their] son Diego who is almost 2 misses his daddy very much."

Todd Rogers
"We Love you Todd (daddy)... Me and the girls love you and miss you so much!"

Anthony Juarez and Julian Dorado
"My wonderful brave cousins... I just can't believe U guys are where U are..."

Lorenzo Garcia, U.S. Navy Sailor
"My uncle is at war fighting for our Country and I am very proud of him. I pray to God each and everyday to guide and protect him"

Danny Rolon Gonzalez, USS TR VFA87 AD3(AW)
"Lord bless this sailor... Pray for his safety and for his safe return"

Christopher McGuire Sgt., Signal Battalion, U.S. Army
"Our Father in Heaven, I ask you to please look over my son-in-law Chris and his fellow soldiers"

Steve Rodriguez Flight Engineer, Son, Brother, U.S. Navy
"Petty officer Rodriguez and his Crew will be Fwd deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, please pray for them and their families"

SPC Joshua Carter
"my son joshua is in iraq fighting pray that he returns safe and that all the troops come home soon"

Patrick Miller, POW
"I graduated high school with pat and would like for all of our brothers and sisters in christ to lift him up to the lord and pray for him the other pow's and for his family to be strong"

"Babe, we pray for your safe return... Aimee, Caleb, Aaliyah, and Kaylei"

Tanyelle D, Speciality
"This prayer is for my daughter who is serving our country in the middle east may God watch over her and her troop"

Joshua Hildebrand LCPL
"May guardian angels surround him during this vicious war. He truly is one in a million. Thanks, MOM"

 Roger A. Cortes, U.S. Navy
"He left behind his wife Dawn and two children; daughter Krista and son Cameron"

Dave Shirley, Captain, U.S. Army
"For every man & woman in uniform, wherever they may be, please bless them with uncommon courage, strength, wisdom, dignity, and above all else, your guidance"

Sean Dougherty, PFC 389th ENG
"My boyfriend got his orders very suddenly. He had to drop everything that he was accustomed to in order to put his life on the line for all of us... I love you bubba."

Sgt. Alexander Jacob, Marine

"Please pray for my husband Jacob. That he comes home to his wife and children real soon"

Jeremy Lopez, U.S. Army
"Dear God please be by Jeremy's side and take care of him always. Please bring him home safe and sound"

Joseph Cousino, Seaman Apprentice
"Joeseph is a beloved brother, father, and uncle. Please make it home safely"

Ronald Miller
"Please pray for my husband and his company (Alpha Company 1/162) to keep them safe and to bring them home to their families"

Lacey Wells
"A mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, niece, great niece, cousin, and friend"

Michael Wolfe
"My husband, my hero... His beautiful 2 month old son is waiting and so am I"

AG3 Petty Officer Rockael Mays
"Rockael and I have been married for 2 years now and didn't get to have a wedding so in December we will be renewing our vows!"

Richard Ikena
"Richard is serving his second tour of duty in Iraq, and Sarah is living in Germany with their son"

MIA – IRAQ 507th Maintenance Company
Creator God, hear this prayer. I pray that James, Lori, Brandon & Donald are staying safe in the desert. Be right beside them, all the time. Walk with them on their path. May they have sweet water & cedar smoke surrounding them & refreshing their souls.

Robert R.
"We pray for you everyday. Daddy stay safe. We love and miss you. Come home to us safe and sound"

James A. Spencer, Army PFC
"His sister, who was also in the Army, was killed 3 years ago. James is my sister's only surviving child."

William DeWeese, U.S. Navy Sailor
"I love him and want him to be strong and come home to me and his three children safely when his work is done"

 Manuel Ramos, U.S. Marine in Kuwait
"Yo soy la hermana de este Marino, pero en estos tiempos tan dificiles yo siento que soy la hermana de todos los soldados que han sido enviados a pelear en esta guerra"
(I'm the sister of this Marine, but in these hard times I feel like I'm the sister of all the soldiers that have been sent to fight in this war)

Jeremy Hinkleman, SSG. U.S. Army
"In your prayers, please remember Jeremy and all of the other men and women serving our country"

Ben Higgins, ENS
"the love of my life... May the Dear Lord surround Ben with guardian angels and provide him with physical, mental, and spiritual strength"

James Wade Russell, Marine

"this prayer goes out to my nephew who is 20 years old and is fighting on the frontline of this horrible war in iraq"

Corporal Craig Logan
"serving in the British Forces in Iraq... I love you, always have, always will. Take Care My Little Soldier! I miss you, love Kate xxx"

Jason Dohn & Tom Quirk and all the other soldiers
"these soldiers are our family members and that the reason they are at war is to help others have the freedoms we have here"

Jose Vasquez
"to a wonderful husband & father... may you be blessed today n always. i am proud of you n support you 100%."

Eric Boothman, Specialist U.S. Army
"Thank you lord for making my husband and others strong and brave to take on tasks like these"

John F. Smith, First Sgt
"My beloved soul mate, I never thought, my body would ache from missing you. I understand you must protect your family and country. Your best friend always shortcake"

Alfonso Arroyo Jr., United States Marine Corp
"Alfonso Jr is 20, has his wife and 3 month old son along with his brother,sisters, Mama & Papa praying for his safe return"

Antonio Wheeler, Marine
"God is with all you guys Happy Birthday (3/25/1982) wish you were home, love you always you are so BRAVE"

Adrean Pope, CPL
"We honor his bravery and dedication and pray for a swift end to the war and his safe return"

Frank Navazi, PFC
"Please keep Frank safe and let him return to his family soon. We love him and miss him dearly. He is in our hearts and thoughts."

Brian Torres SGT. OF HHC, 3-7 INF, 1BCT, 3ID
"I wish that I could hear your voice or get some kind of sign that you are doing alright"

 Marcus Dabney, Marine
"To Our Grandson. We are so proud of you. May God protect you and return you home safely. We love you. Popa Sid and Marie, Angie and Darrell."

Michael Angelo Panzano FC3 (USS Anzio-Navy)
"for all the men and women who are fighting to keep our country free... one of those is my son, Michael. Only 23, only a baby... my only son"

Perry Ofalla SSGT USMC
"Perry is a devoted father of two boys 8 years and 6 months. He is also a loving husband of nine years. We pray for your safe return"

Ryan Hamilton, 1st Battalion, Marine Regimental Combat Team 5
"Mahalo Ke Akua (Thank you, Our God) for helping those who are in the front lines of this battle to remain compassionate towards those they have 'seen' as fellow human beings needing to be liberated."

Tyler Durden Military police officer
"Tyler is 19 years of age and finally found our Lord and Savior just months before being deployed!"

Christopher Dobbertin
"Air Force Member Husband and Father of 3. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!"

Ben Wilkey, ATAN Class E-3, USS Nimitz
"Thoughts and memories of holding him as a newborn baby. I think of the "boo-boos" that I kissed. Now he is a man that I am proud of, and I pray every day that God will watch over him and protect him from harm."

Joseph Doubleday
"I'm praying for God's protection for my husband while he is over in Iraq. He is a new Christian, and he needs to feel God's love and power"

Carol & Teddy Cothern
"They are my parents see I am in the US Navy... I worry about my parents not taking care of themselves because they are worried about me and all of my friends"

George D. PFC 82nd Airborne Division
"Thank you George for serving our wonderful country. You are a wonderful boyfriend, son and brother. You are greatly missed!"

Josh C., SPC., Army Medic
"Love of my life... For all the Medics who work tiredlessly to aid our fallen heros"

Wesley Kanazawa, My Amazing Marine and Husband
"We have only been married since November 29, 2002. We both really need a lot of strength"

Shaine M.
"Please pray for my husband and his unit who are over fighting this war in Kuwait"

Brad J Foster, Cpl. USMC
"When your son is born, you understand that someday he may go off to fight in a War. You push it to the back of your mind. When that day comes... you must then trust in the same God who helped you raise this strong independent courageous young person."

Robert Romines
"LORD God I pray you keep all our troops safe"

Elizabeth Aileen
"My daughter Elizabeth is a very special young woman. When I was single and struggling to support her younger sisters alone she stayed to help"

Brian K. Rochelle, CPT
"Brian is my friend. He has two brothers and one sister. May he come home soon and safe"

Michel Rogers, U.S. Navy
"We have never had to face this type of ordeal before. It is so much harder than I ever dreamed it would be"

Jeff White, GSM

"I pray to our Dear Lord that He allow Jeff and all our troops to act as instruments of good for the Iraqi people."

Cody Halbrook
"I am lost without hearing his voice, and wish he would come home soon"

Brandon Boswell, U.S. Army
"Please pray for this young man, so courageous and brave. STAY STRONG BUDDY :)!!!"

Sgt. Matthew Stancliff VMGR-352 Airframes/Corrosion (C-130)
"Please pray for my husband that he come home safe to me and our families. We are newlyweds and would love to start a family one day"

Tiler Pribbernow
"This is very dangerous. I know that he is going to see some images and have to do some things against his moral fiber. These actions and memories will stay with him forever"

Chris Herrin, Senior AirMan, U.S. Air Force
"To a great friend we hope you're safe and well. God be with you in these hard times, don't forget that"

James Phillip Martin
"My dear husband...I am missing him terribly and am worried and very scared for him"

Wilber Duran, Seaman in Ponce 15
"We last heard from our cousin 3 weeks ago. We're not sure where he is, but we do trust in GOD that he is safe"

Daniel Franco
"There isn't a minute that goes by that we don't think about you, we love you always. The Romano Family."

Missy Capestro
"She has a beautiful heart and soul, bringing love and light into so many lives. Now she is out in the field helping to change the world"

Rafael C.
"Brother... I was afraid that though you loved me, my belief in Islam seperated us. In time and with patience, your love shined through unconditionally"

Tim M., 3rd Infantry Division
"Tim is currently in Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division of the U.S. Army. I would like special prayers to keep him and his fellow soldiers safe."

Louis S Rodriguez, Private First Class, US Marine Corps
"For my brother Stanley, I love you more than words can express. I am always so proud of the man you have become."

Michael & Dewayne Reese, PV2 US ARMY --- Cpl USMC
"Lord comfort their families and show them your love. Lord Please bring all forces home safely to their families"

Trevor & Brent Kernes, Special Forces Air Force
"Please pray for my sons, that they don't suffer from fear, exhaustion, fatigue, heat, cold, mental or emotional stress and that they return safely to their wives, child and parents"

Ramant Stewart, U.S. Army Sergeant
"He and my sister have been married for 5 years and they have a beautiful 2 yr old daughter"

Napoleon Thompson, Army Soldier
"Prayers for my husband and all the other soldiers who are fighting for our freedom"

Gabriel N
"He has a month-old daughter he has not seen."

Andrew Vorlicek, U.S. Air Force
"Drew was forward deployed to an undisclosed location. He is one of the most brave and honorable people I know."

Truman Claytor
"Pray for his family. His wife, Brandy, a corpsman in the USN, my 15 month old grandson, and my new grandson that is due to enter this world on April 5th"

Richard Sullins, SGT
"We were in the process of buying our first house when he got his orders. My 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter pray for their Daddy every single night."

Armando Cervantes, 3rd Infantury Kuwait
"My baby brother is now on the battle grounds and one of the first ones to face war. May the good Lord protect him and all the soldiers always"

Jeremy Walker, USS Kitty Hawk
"He is a husband and the father of a three year old little girl. We pray for his safe return and the return of his comrades"

 Grant S.
"He's not in a safe place and we're both scared"

Benito Alonso Jr., U.S Army Reserves
"The length of his duty is a year minimum. He left a wife and two small children back home. Billy is 2 1/2 and Hope is 11 mos"

Jhaval, Myshawn, Spencer
"A little brother, cousin, and a nephew all serving in the Iraq war"

Kenny Dennis
"My young 20 year old nephew... He has a mom, dad, 3 sisters, one brother and a newphew and loads of other family members who love and miss him"

Ryan Stamos
"Ryan had just made the rank of Sergeant and will have to experience leadership at a whole different level. Provide him the wisdom and strength to overcome all obstacles."

Pvt. Dezarae' Sutton
"My daughter is stationed in Germany still waiting her deployment... Pray that she isn't to afraid or alone and is kept dry, safe, and warm."

George Fuente, U.S. Marine
"George is our future son-in-law. Send an angel to protect him and give him courage"

Kendrick Mitchell, PFC, United States Army
"We just got married last August... Once he comes home, we will be moving into our first place together... He lights up my life with his warm eyes"

Corey Stone, 1st Marine Expeditionary Unit
"Corey Stone is in the same Unit our first Marine casualty was in. He is on the front lines"

John Mascarenas, Gunnery, US Marines
"Such a good friend and father to his stepson Joshua. May the Lord bless the world and help us all move towards peace and understanding."

Ryan Howell, CPT Army
"Please put white light around Ryan and all his soldiers"

Sgt. Richard J. Martinez, USMC 4th Recon BN Charlie Co.
"May god bless him and Lord please bring my marine home safely to me and all who love him"

Miguel A Machado, Navy Sailor
"I know he must be very scared, and so are all the sailors who have never seen war like this before"

James Pishl
"I'm a 17 year old girl and I just want my cousin to come back in one piece"

Omar Biancaniello, Specialist
"Dedicated husband and soldier... God please bless Omar and all of the other deployed soldiers that are risking their lives for our freedom"

Sarah Bolte, U.S. Army Private
"Please pray for the safe return of my beautiful first-born daughter who is currently stationed in Kuwait"

SSG Frankie D. Patterson
"Having troubles with the weight of keeping such young soldiers safe"

Kenneth J Ardery, PFC, Marines
"Kenny is an 18 yr old newlywed and expecting father"

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