Calling All Angels

Beliefnet members have begun prayer circles to lend a spiritual hand to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Add your prayers to Beliefnet's

main prayer circle

for Hurricane Katrina victims, or to any of these ongoing circles:

Lost Loved Ones
Searching for my niece

Praying for the Harry family on their journey

For those who have lost loved ones

Homes Away from Home
Show churches the way to help

Safe journey for evacuees en route to Atlanta

Host family has seventeen people living under one roof

As evacuees begin to rebuild their lives

Praying for the newly homeless

Coming Together in Prayer
Some lost everything; all lost something

Blessings for America during this crisis

Prayer for love and unity in these difficult days

Praying for the wounded cities

Pray for my hometown

Comfort for all those touched by Katrina

Praying for all the victims of the storm

The victims' cries for help

For the victims and their families
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