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    The Armed Forces

    All Military Families
    "May God bless you all..."

    Daymon Abbott
    A brother in the United States Navy

    Military Families
    For all in the service and their families

    Aaron and Benjamin Butsko and Dominish
    My sons in the military

    Joe S.
    United States Navy Petty Officer

    Brave Soldiers
    Pray for loved ones who have been sent to war to defend our country

    Richard Ferguson
    I want to pray for all the young people who choose to go and serve this country

    Chuckie Rockwell
    A chief naval officer who was sent out to sea to defend our country

    Josh & Sunshine R.
    Son & daughter in the Army

    Robert H.
    A young officer in the U.S. Navy

    Leo R., U.S. Navy
    U.S. Military and their Families

    Marcus Payne
    Flight Engineer, U.S. Air Force

    All Military
    Please remember our military members

    Armed Forces
    Let us remember those members of the service that are on active duty or in the gaurds and have been put on alert

    Air Force Commanders
    And all soldiers in Afghanistan

    Angie Knowles
    Praying for safety for all service men and women

    Soldiers Near and Far
    Onward Christian soldiers!

    U.S. Armed Forces
    May God be with them always

    Trent Tyner
    A soldier on high alert

    World Leaders

    President Bush
    I ask that you give our President strength and wisdom in this dark hour for our nation

    George Bush & All Soldiers
    God bless everyone

    World Leaders
    Wisdom, truth, reason and justice for all

    Osama bin Laden
    We need to pray that he sees that killing people is not morally right and isn't what God wants us to do

    Bush and bin Laden
    A prayer for wisdom

    George Bush
    For the leader of our nation to act as the Son of God would act when faced with such a terrible national tragedy

    The U.S., Allies, and Enemies
    These prayers are for everyone--because everyone needs them.

    President & Mrs. Bush
    A prayer for protection and spiritual guidance in his decisions

    George Bush
    That he will have god with him with the decisions he makes for our country

    Prayers for Peace

    Religious Tolerance
    Please pray that the day will come when no one will die because of religious disagreements

    Witches for Peace
    Pray that our nation and its citizens stay safe

    Worldwide Peace
    All questing for world peace

    Lives Lost September 11th
    Pray for their souls and peace on earth

    All Brothers and Sisters
    Peace to all people

    All Touched by Terrorism
    Peace be with you

    World Peace
    Protection against evil in the world and in our hearts

    Muslims in America

    All Muslims
    Pray for our safety in this country

    American Muslims
    Pray for our protection!

    Those Aiding in the 9/11 Recovery Effort

    Tom Kelly
    Firefighter lost at the WTC

    Heroes of America
    All those who are brave and helping

    New York Fire Dept.
    Please pray for our Brothers and Sisters who are missing, injuried, or who have responded to 'the last alarm'

    All Those Helping in the Recovery Effort
    A prayer for rescue workers, government, military personnel, relief workers, counselors, clergy, volunteers

    The Firefighters & Police & Rescue People of New York
    You are in our hearts and our prayers every minute of the day

    Hillie and his EMS Coworkers
    For their efforts at ground zero

    Fallen Heroes
    For all the firefighters, police & EMS who have lost their lives in the NY City disaster

    Victims of the 9/11 Attacks

    Lost her fiance in the World Trade Center attack

    Relatives of Cantor Fitgerald Employees
    Those who are suffering in their finances as well as the loss of their loved ones

    Wilson and Darlene Flagg
    Passengers on Flight 77

    Suzanne Calley
    Passenger on Flight 77

    In Memory of All Who Died September 11
    A poem: "Winter Will Be Long"

    Passengers and Crew of Flight 175
    May you all rest in peace.

    Father Mychal Judge
    A Franciscan priest and fire chaplain to the New York Fire Department, who died while giving last rites to a firefighter who perished when the twin towers collapsed

    Victims and Loved Ones of the WTC Disaster
    All Brothers and Sisters of the Human Race

    World Trade Center and Pentagon Victims

    Victims Of Twin Towers Victims of Pentagon/Pittsburg
    God Bless

    Asia Cottom & Sara Clark
    Killed at the Pentagon

    Lawrence Chapman
    A favorite uncle who worked at the World Trade Center

    Never Forgotten: Americans Lost
    Those of us who are far from New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania yet close in spirit can post our thoughts and prayers.

    Firefighters, EMTs, and Police
    Heroes of the World Trade Center Tragedy

    World Trade Center Victims
    May peace come to the souls of those who died so traumatically

    Trade Center and the People
    Pray for the Lost People. Pray for the Wounded. Pray for the Nation

    Father Francis Grogen
    A passenger on one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center

    N.Y. Firefighters Police and Rescue Personnel
    In Memory of Your Sacrifice

    American Tragedy Victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon
    You died before your time.

    All Souls Lost
    This is a memorial to remember all those who perished in the senseless act of violence perpetrated on September 11, 2001.

    World Trade Center & Pentagon Terrorist Attacks
    In loving memory of all those who lost their lives in this and in all terrorist attacks

    Lost Loved Ones
    On September 11, 2001, we lost many loved ones in the attack. We will survive and grow stronger.

    Each Victim
    A memorial for all the victims & fallen heroes of the World Trade Center/Pentagon atrocity

    The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center
    A prayer tht God gently touch and comfort the surviors, families of the victims, and the rescue workers who have endured so much pain, and heartache.

    All Americans & Victims
    I am praying with others for all the persons suffering and I know how very difficult it is to carry this pain and burden

    Mark's Mom
    The lady who talked with her son Mark on the phone before the plane went down

    All Those Lost
    A prayer to give courage, hope and faith to all of us who have lost loved ones, and our love for peace, liberty and freedom

    Victims and Their Families
    Brothers and sisters of the human race

    All Lost in the Attack
    A sonnet dedicated to those who lost their lives

    Flight 175
    Passengers and crew

    Victims of the Attacks
    For the victims and all Muslims

    All Lost, All in Pain
    Victims of the terrorist attack

    The Lost Ones
    All those who lost their lives

    The Victims of the Terrorist Attacks
    For all who need prayers during this disaster

    The Victims of the Plane Crashes
    Please pray for all those involved in the WTC/pentagon attack

    Friends & Families of the Victims
    Prayers for all affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11th

    The People Lost and Wounded at the WTC
    Please pray in your own language and your own religions your own faiths and your own beliefs

    The Families and Friends of Those Involved
    God bless America!

    Victims of the Attacks and Their Families
    Leave your prayers and condolences

    Terrorist Attack Victims
    A prayer for the murdered, injured and traumatized victims

    Lost United States Citizens of New York Disaster
    Pray for our injured and deceased fellow Americans

    The Innocent
    Pray for the victims of the terrorists

    All Lives That Have Been Lost
    We have been reminded of what life is all about, and that is helping one another

    Victims of the Tragedy and Their Families
    A prayer for hope and peace

    The Victims of Terrorism and Their Families
    Let's pray for a peaceful solution, let's pray for the healing of all of us left behind

    American Victims and Their Families
    Grand Rest, O Lord, to the souls of Thy departed servants

    Those Who Were Lost
    America: Don't give up hope!

    Family and Friends
    Please put your arms around us and protect us dear Lord

    John Doe
    We pray for the parents and grandparents of these people

    Friends & Families
    To those whose lives, families, friends, associates have been affected by the terrorist attacks in America

    Victims & Families
    Please give peace to those in suffering and guide those who need it

    Neighborhood 99
    Prayer circle for members and their families and friends

    All Casualties of the Tragedy
    Please pray for all those that were involved.... Lord hear our prayers to bring this to a fast end!


    All Living Beings
    To develop love and compassion and peace in these days for all of us...

    Everyone of the World
    It makes no difference as to the name of the God, since LOVE is the real God of all the world

    A Prayer for All Americans
    For all those affected by the tragic events

    A Prayer for Healing
    May our spirits, heal despite loss, evil, hatred, malevolence, judgments, heartaches and broken fragments

    U.S. President, FBI, Police, & Firefighters
    May the Lord protect you and your loved ones

    Mother Mary
    Pray for the peace of all nations

    For All Those Affected
    I don't know what else to say right now. Just pray

    Everyone Suffering
    Let us all from every religion come together and pray in this time of crisis and tragedy

    World Trade Center
    May healing begin

    All Affected by This Tragedy
    We pray for compassion to transmute their anger

    Our World
    God...we just pray that you will protect your children throughout the world for anything which may ensue in the future

    All Affected
    This is for all of those affected by the attacks on America on September 11th, 2001

    Everyone Touched by the Tragedy
    Please join us tonight and for the next 7 nights at 9pm (est) for a unified prayer

    All Americans, All New Yorkers
    Let's pray that this horrific act doesn't lead to many more deaths and suffering

    Peaceful Humanity
    I pray for the healing of the world, the victims and families and the souls that were ripped so unexpectedly from this earth

    A prayer for the condition of our world

    I pray that we all have the capacity to feel whatever we maybe feeling at this time...

    Those Affected by the Tragedy
    All of those who need to express their emotions

    All of Us Who Are Affected
    Dear Lord please watch over and take care of all the people who have been affected by the attack

    Those in NY and DC

    Everyone in New York and Washington
    Praying for the victims and victim families of those in the twin towers, the pentagon, and the planes

    New York
    God be with all those who are suffering and give them comfort, faith and help through their tragedies

    World Trade Center and Pentagon Staff
    We need to join together to pray for strenth and grace

    All involved persons in NYC and WashDC
    Join in a circle of prayer-without-ceasing for victims, family, firefighters, police, etc.

    New York & the World
    Pray to God for those that have passed and for those that we are still looking for

    Manhasset Families in NY
    A town that's lost many loved ones

    NY Families
    Pray for all the missing victims and rescue workers, and for our nation

    The U.S. and the World

    Our Nation
    All those who are experiencing anger and a desire for retribution/revenge

    The United States
    Our grieving nation, our leaders and the world

    Our Country
    Please pray for our country and for all of those who lost loved ones

    The United States of America
    Pray for the ones who are the heros, pray for the families

    This is a prayer for all fellow Americans

    Estados Unidos de America
    Ataques aereos a las torres gemelas en New York

    All Americans
    A prayer of hope and inspiration

    The United States
    God help this country, God help our president, God give peace to our nation

    The World
    I think we all need to get together to say the Rosary, I feel like we need to sit with our family and friends and do this together

    The U.S.A.
    September 11, 2001 is a day that matches, may even surpass FDR's day of infamy

    Prayers for the victims and family of victims

    A Country in Great Need
    Today I am asking that everyone pray for those living and dead in today's tragedy

    United States of America
    I pray for the families that were affected in this tragic event that took place in our land of the free

    Let us start a rosary to pray for peace as the Blessed Mother wants us to do

    All the People of America
    Although not so close here in Australia this tragedy has affected our lives as if we were there

    The United States
    Please pray for our loved ones, friends, family, President Bush

    American Citizens
    All the family members affected by the tragedy in New York City and Washington DC

    Healing the wounds and the souls of the families that lost loved ones

    The United States
    Please pray for our loved ones, friends, family, President Bush

    American Citizens
    All the family members affected by the tragedy in New York City and Washington DC

    All Americans
    To all of those who are hurt by this

    The U.S.A.
    Pray that all this madness will stop


    Afghan Children
    A prayer for the innocent children of Afghanistan

    Josephine Harris
    A survivor of the WTC disaster

    Hazara People in Afghanistan
    Coping with persecution at the hands of the Taliban

    Those Traveling By Air
    A prayer for all travelers in these uncertain times

    Humanitarian Aid Workers
    Those putting their lives in danger to feed the starving

    People Who Hijacked Planes and Their Families
    Because God loves them as much as he loves you

    Trista Parr
    Seeking spiritual guidance in the aftermath of the tragedy

    Anissa R.
    "I am frightened.... Please pray for my strength, to be faithful to the lord."

    Mr. and Mrs. Angell
    May God embrace and comfort all of you through this and may He give you strength for the days to come

    An American student going abroad

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