Prayables set out to empower women by giving them an easy way to add more prayer to their daily lives. Why? Because women who take the time to connect with their higher power are happier and more fulfilled. Having just the right words at the right time is difficult in a busy world. Churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques serve us well, yet you don’t need to be in a house of worship to pray.

  • Women and spirituality, where are the men?
  • Not your granny’s prayers – getting rid of “thee and thou” to pray in language that speaks to us.
  • How can break-ups, money problems, and sexuality, be prayer-worthy?
  • What’s up with prayers that claim to be non-religious?
  • How important is building a creative culture for the Prayables community to work, play, and pray?
  • Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and more… is social media spreading or exploiting the good word?
  • Can prayer work if you don’t believe in God?
  • Tele-teaming: working together, socializing, and never actually meeting your co-workers.
  • Poetry, stories and prayer. Is there more in common than we realize?
  • Non-profit vs. social profit, finding the right way to fund a prayer movement.

diamondj100x140 is the publisher of Prayables, a free online prayer community for women from all faith backgrounds. She is sometimes referred to as Chief-of-Pray, by playful Pray Makers who write short contemporary prayers for women. Susan’s background is in sales and technology-based marketing. She brings top notch speaking, writing and social networking skills to the company.

Prior to starting Prayables, Susan was involved in the non-profit world where she worked for both Jewish and Christian advocacy groups. Ms. Diamond resides in Chicago with husband David. They have four grown children plus their significant others and three adorable grandkids. Her volunteer support includes: , , , and .

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