the generation gap. It was a throw-away comment about running errands. Mo suggested Kyle go to the shoe repair shop during her lunch break. Even though it was over the phone, she could see the eye-roll.  Kyle said,

Mom, nobody has lunch breaks anymore. What do you think it’s the 1950’s or something?

 Mo is no stranger to the Minneapolis business district. She’s seen first hand, people eating lunch between the hours of noon and two.  She pressed on,

If no one has a lunch break anymore, then who are all the people I see at Chipolte?” 

Kyle answered, “They’re probably in sales. Anyone with a desk eats lunch at it.

You never know when you’ll learn your next lesson, or who your teacher will be. Understanding the next generation can come from anywhere.You can learn from a book like Peggy’s, or hear it directly from the mouths of your favorite Gen X, Y, or Z-er.

One thing you can be sure of is you never know-it-all. God keeps things interesting. Each one of us is created with unique personalities,habits, and inclinations. Generation after generation, we adapt to changing circumstances and develop our own style and way of doing things. Thank God for the generation gap. It’s one more sign of His handiwork in motion.

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